Friday, February 3, 2017


january is the month of birthdays for us.  
12 - mv
14 - me
18 - nana
27 - bb
31 - pap

little miss chef

and princess

(again, these are all out of order)
mv's birthday party after worth's baptism
family only again - as long as i can

she had doughnuts at school with her friends on her actual birthday

we also got to visit sweet baby fen!

'i cool, dude'

our new year's day meal

y'all, this kid FINALLY slept through the night on his 7-month birthday.  hallelujah for healthy(ish) baby and mama

yes, he's a big 'ol stinker!

flurries with the dogs


all dressed up for worth's baptism
it is a struggle to get this girl in a dress with a bow in her hair.  :)

he was an angel

beautiful cake by carrie

mv doesn't like cake so she got a big cookie

blowing out her candle

mv was enchanted by the choir.  she did so good and can't wait to go back.  man, is it tough to get all four of us ready for church.  kudos to those that do it all the time with little kids!

my cousin posted this photo of me and mema.  or is that worth?

mexican for her birthday dinner

cool monkey

loves the tub!
as did his sister

i had to work on my birthday but at least it was a thomson wedding with hairy dawg!

mama's birthday breakfast at waffle house

this little girl is growing so fast!!

our photographer put together this sweet photo of worth on her page and i just love it!

allergy testing.  :(
his only reaction was to the histamine control

golf jon jon in january

his crazy rash

my birthday dinner with the rigsbys, doziers and bowens at frog hollow.  missing the collins'!

our babysitter sent these cute photos
mv loves a good 'castle'

i was a little late but i like to get 6-month photos of the kids
worth with his golf course bears - pinehurst and the masters

brad took this one day.  our favorite napping position

i love this one!  bb made the afghan he's laying on

in his baptism gown

on the way to the circus!

she loved the lions and tigers!

fast asleep with her light-up sword (and shades).  she did not want anything else!

first joint bath was a success until she bum-rushed him while swimming

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