Tuesday, June 24, 2008

21c Museum Hotel

When I was inKentucky last week, I stayed at this museum hotel in downtown Loiusville. VERY neat and interesting. This is the lobby, art exhibits everywhere...

This was some type of installation at the elevators. The letters formed words around your silhouette!
These mannequin heads were carrying on a conversation like a couple in bed...

Ocean Course

These are all out of order but this is my first attempt at golf. At The Ocean Course no less!! Brad did very well, I just practiced. ; ) It is beautiful out there and the wind is blowing about 30 mph. It had just gotten punched so the greens were pretty slow but I don't think that was a bad thing!


My favorites are definitely the last ones. That deep purple is so pretty!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More flowers

I am not liking these flowers lately. Sad...

May updates!

Ugh! I am horrible about updating this! So, this is from Memorial Day weekend. Brad and our friends Blake and Mike were in town. Bocce on Folly!!

I love this sign!!

Brad and I were playing and we had double leaners! We added the crab for decoration!

Look at that bocce form.

Brad got mad at Mike for beating him so he smashed him with the bocce ball. J/K! Mike took a tumble in the waves. Ouch!!

Caroline's wedding in Thomson last weekend. So much fun!!

Singing Phi Mu songs! ; ) That's my back. Lovely tan line huh?
Brad and I took no pictures there so we attempted it at a stop sign on the way home.
Then I decided Banjo would be a good picture mate. Not so much!!
Even worse! Silly girl...