Monday, October 28, 2013

gender reveal

Back in August, Mom hosted a gender reveal shower for us.  I can't believe I was able to not know for that week.  She did a good job of not teasing or rubbing it in that she knew so that helped.  Brad had a harder time not knowing!
After the reveal, we were gifted with the sonogram indicating the sex of baby Shingler. 
I was still feeling pretty bad this day so I had Brad open all the gifts.  That was entertaining in and of itself.  Ha. 

Everyone had to guess what they thought it was going to be with a moustache or red lips. 
This is the boy team. 
 Levi, Megan, Damir, Ben, Traci, me, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Jeff, Daddy, Aunt Ellie and Jodi.

Brad with his lips.

The spread


The girl team
Martha, Natalie, Aunt Linda, Debbie, Bill, Brad, Adi, Sela, Joel, Melissa, Uncle Stan, Mema

Make your guess!

With Levi

With Martha

I am not a pink or baby blue fan so we went with non-traditional colors for decor.  These colors mirrored the moustaches and lips.  :)

With the Shinglers

Daddy with two of his brothers, Stan and Jeff

Martha, Natalie and me with our lips.

Awaiting Mama's instructions.  The confetti in the balloons was our indicator...

And it was pink!!
We had so much fun and were so thankful to be able to share this special day with family and close family friends.  Baby Girl Shingler still doesn't have a name.  But we are working on it!