Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Wonderland

As most of you know, we got lots of snow this past weekend. So, we had a photo shoot on Friday night before over V day dinner at La Maison. Brad had the game sampler and I had the wild salmon en croute de pommes de terre. It was all yummy! And, we felt like we were on vacation will the snow pouring down outside. : )

Banjo jumping to catch a snowball Brad threw up in the air for her. We had about 6 inches.
Switzer house on Saturday.

Driving to Brad's house.

Banjo with a snowball. : )

Banj posing with Brad.

Switzer house Friday night.

Huge tree in Brad's backyard.

Snowy Westlake house.

Me with Banj. I really didn't think she would like this - she is a little prissy. But, I was WRONG!!


Here is the almost-finished product! I am taking down the champagne corks up top and will continue the pattern to fill that in a little more. So exciting!

I just happened to have this perfect little space in my house but you could do this on a flat wall or inside a frame as well.  I first cut some cardboard to fit the space as a backer.  I decided to use a herringbone pattern instead of just rows or columns of corks.  The real ones are all different sizes and this pattern was more forgiving than others.  I did a border to make it a little neater around the edges.  The corks are just glued on with hot glue!  I have had some come loose but they are a cinch to glue again.  The little triangles of empty space left at the top and bottom were filled in with half pieces.  

Note - you will need to go through your cork collection ahead of time and try to use the ones that most closely resemble each other in length.  For sure. 

Need a house?

If you know of anyone that needs a house in Augusta, here you go! Eric is putting the finishing touches on their house. It looks really good! It has had some strong bites and they are talking to another couple about a presell for their next house. Keep 'em coming!