Tuesday, September 27, 2011

veggie garden

I have decided to try my hand at growing some veggies at the house - with Levi's help for sure.

I planted some carrots, scallions, garlic and peas

in these planters by the back porch.  In the spring, I plan to have a permanent bed along our back fence but I wanted to try this first.  Wish me luck!  I don't have a green thumb at all.  Not even a black thumb really, just NO thumb!

And, a week and a half later - we have sprouts!!  Carrots and scallions.  Sweet!

sigh of relief

I debated whether to share this or not.  Well, I use the term 'share' loosely since only about 5 people read this.  :)

But, I thought it would be nice to get off my chest and therapeutic to write about.  

I have been having problems with congestion for years and been working with an ENT for the last year or so to try to figure that out.  After reflux medicine and allergy shots, I am still having issues.  So, I decided to open my wallet and get a CT of my sinuses two weeks ago.  That was clear, of course.  However, later that week, an ENT nurse called and informed me that I had a calcification of my pineal gland - in my brain.  Yep, scary.

So, I scheduled an MRI for last Friday to rule out anything serious.  As you can imagine, all the worst things were running through my (possibly diseased) brain.  Now, obviously, I had wonderful support from my family but you talk about feeling alone...  They were going through it with me but it was happening TO me, you know?   That sounds selfish but I can't describe it any other way.  

After fretting and trying to be positive for a week and a half, I got the results today - normal.  SO relieved and thankful. I am also feeling empathy for all those that get different results. 

I thank God for keeping me calm (if you can call it that) and guiding me through this.  And for my health.  I tell ya what, congestion doesn't seem like a such big deal anymore.  :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


On Friday, we built our first fire in the firepot!!!  It's been there for a year - 'bout time, huh?

Adi (who played football at Furman) made Brad burn a GA Southern coozie we had at the house.  Ha.  It burned too fast for me to capture it though.  Who knew?

Megan and Adi were in town so we went to Bonefish with Sela, Damir, Bill and Debbie.  Bang bang shrimp!  I closed my eyes but wasn't about to have the server take another picture. 

Enjoying the firepot.  Mom and Dad were at a concert earlier but stopped by on the way back to Thomson.  We were only missing Levi!

Not sure what is going on here.  I think Brad is envious of Adi's conditioner or something. 

Then, when I called him out, he said "what?" and everyone laughed.  Good times...

I also had my first wipe out from Banjo.  Combine these (new, cute) shoes... 

with this crazy dog...

and the uneven stone around the firepot and you get Jami on her butt.  I didn't spill my drink though.  Ha!

Banjo was running around the yard like a crazy person and, trying to get out of her way, I stepped right in her way.  Oh well.  I still love her.  :)

The fire was a huge success and we can't wait to use it again!

uga/boise state

We went to the Boise State game at the Dome with Melanie and Eric Labor Day weekend.  Despite the outcome, we had a blast!  Eric's sister, Ashley, was kind enough to plan the tailgate and put us up at her place.

With Mel

Eric with Ashley

After the game, Brad made friends with this lovely young lady.  They were walking arm-in-arm commiserating our loss.

April, she is from Baxley and said she knew you!  Of course, Brad didn't get her name.  :)

cake pops

 I think I am way behind on this trend!  But, we had a baby shower for a coworker and his wife and I decided to try my hand at cake pops.  They were yummy!!
So, you take a cake mix (I used double chocolate fudge) and cook it according to box.  Once baked and cooled, break it up into crumbs and mix it with about 3/4 of a container of frosting (I used cream cheese).  You round those out and freeze them for about an hour. 

Melt some vanilla or chocolate wafers down in a double-boiler and color as you like.  Poke each with a lollipop stick.  I actually dipped each stick into the melted vanilla first and then into the cake ball.  This is supposed to help everything stay together.  Once that dries, dip the cake pop into the melted vanilla/chocolate.  Coat evenly and let all excess drip off.  Decorate!!

I made these stryofoam trees with ribbon to match their pink and green color scheme.

And decorated (if you can call it that) with a g for their last name or dots.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


To tide you over until I post more pictures - cute bulldog pups!!

These guys were present at the Boise State and South Carolina games and can be yours for only $1800!!!  I think I will stick with Banjo, thanks.  :)

I was feeling sickly last weekend so Brad went to Athens without me.  We did venture to the Thomson-Lakeside high school game and the UGA-Boise State game the weekend before.  Pics will be up soon.

Georgia showed more promise last weekend against SC so hopefully we can build on that for the rest of the year.  Gonna be interesting to see how our coaches, players and AD handle the reat of the season.  I am still a believer and supporter - GO DAWGS!