Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blue Highway

We were lucky enough last night to go to see Blue Highway at the Imperial. I am dogsitting again so these tickets came from Mom and Dad. They have season tickets to the Southern Soul and Song series that is put on by the Morris Museum. I think Brad and I will have to get these next year because we have had a blast at both shows.

This was the opening band - the Kenny and Amanda Smith Band. They can pick!!! The speed at which they played was amazing!

This is Blue Highway. They have been playing together for 15 years! That is incredible in this industry. Their dobro player has been the winner of best dobro player by the Intl Bluegrass Music Association for 11 years running - the most by any solo artist. This is a shot of them performing Someday a capella. Story, words and video below. Unbelievable!!
Shot of the entire band.
Someday was written by the guitar player's ex-wife's aunt as her own eulogy. Tim gave it a melody and they performed it on an album. Here are the words:
Some day when my last line is written
Some day when I've drawn my last breath
When my last words on Earth have been spoken
And my lips are sealed in death
Don't look on my cold form in pity
Don't think of me as one dead
It will just be the house I once lived in
My spirit by then will have fled
I'll have finished my time here allotted
But I won't be in darkness alone
I will have heard from heaven
The summons to come on home
And when my body is in the grave
Don't think that I'll be there
I won't be dead but living
In the place Jesus went to prepare
And after all is said and done
Know that my last earnest prayer
Was that my loved ones be ready
Some day to meet me there
See it performed here. It's worth the click - promise!

Iron Horse

For those who know it, a picture of the Iron Horse. For those who don't, here's his story.

I thought I had zoomed in on this photo but obviously not. You can see him on the left in front of the trees.

Happy birthday to me

For my birthday last Thursday, we went to Cadwallader's for dinner with the fam. I haven't been here since high school but it was amazing! Definitely going back soon. : )

We had crab cakes and shrimp and grits for appetizers. I had the seafood risotto for dinner. Brad and Levi had the bison steak, Mom steak and Dad flounder. Yum!
On Friday, we went to dinner with my two high school best friends, their husbands and another Thomsonite, Ryan Hemphill, at Bistro 491. This is Martha's husband, Win. She will kill me for posting this but he is a nut and we laughed all night long!! Don't you love the wine label wallpaper. I should do that in the kitchen to match my wine corkboard!

With Natalie and Martha. Love these girls!

With Natalie. Had to get a shot of my trying-to-be-hip outfit. : )

My sweetie!!

Dessert. It was yum - a smores-type thing. As far as the other food that night, it was not as good as Cadwallader's. It seemed most everyone's was a little overcooked - trout for me and pork or steak for the others. But, the flavor was great and I love the atmosphere at Bistro. Plus, the company was the best!!

Here is everyone. Can't wait to do it again!


I have finally decided on bridesmaid dresses. Hopefully, I am not giving too much away. : )

The style of the dress is on the left. It is hard to see but it has ruching around the waist and pockets. The girls love that! It will be the color of the dress on the right - guava. I think that will look really good for an outside summer wedding!

Super Banjo

Fact: Banjo is a weird dog. I have a LL Bean tarp-like thing on the back of my backseat to keep from getting dog hair all embedded in that fabric. It is supposed to lay down flat against the backseat and then under a rubber mat I have on the rear floor. However, my dog likes to get under it. She noses it out from under the mat and lays under it. Recently, she has decided to sit up and wear it like a cape. I think this is a comfort thing for her because she loves small, dark places. For example, she loves to sleep under the bed!

See her little nose on the right side of the headrest? Silly!

The house on Switzer

Since it is getting closer to being finished, I thought I would share pictures of Brad's (soon to be our) house! It is so cute but definitely needs some more work. I am sure it will never be done to my complete satisfaction. : )

Brad can't wait for spring to get here so he can do all the landscaping. The house was added onto about 7 years ago by the master carpenter that lived here. He laid hardwood floors, added the master suite and living room and did all the kitchen cabinets.

Sweet Banjo! She loves the backyard.

This is the 3rd bedroom that we will use as the office. We have to finish putting things on the wall and get another bookcase. There is a daybed in here as well that can be used for additional guests.

Master bedroom. Again, we need to do lots in here. We hope to get a king bed and bring Brad's bedroom suite from Westlake over. So, we have put off getting things on the wall. But, we have tons of space to work with so that is nice.

It is hard to take complete pictures of rooms! This room was added so it is large for an older house. Brad did the hardwoods in here and the living room himself. Love the vaulted/tray ceilings in both too!

Master bath that was added as well. Double vanity and garden tub. Again, love the space for an older house. I wanted to paint this at first but it has grown on me. But, I have registered for a new shower curtain and towels. My old ones clash!

Living room. This one is just about done to my liking!

We will get a flat screen eventually to go between the bookcases and move that trunk to the foot of our bed probably.

Kitchen. Note the wooden countertops and cabinets. This is right off a small foyer inside the front door. See my corkboard next to the fridge? I have been saving those for years and glued them up to cardboard - so I wouldn't destroy the paint. That space is ideal! I have finished so I need to get a better picture up. Since the fridge is stainless and magnets don't stick to the front, it is perfect for invitations, pictures, etc.

Hallway leading from dining room to rear of the house. Office on right, guest bath on left. Second bedroom at end of hall and master suite to the left.

Guest bedroom. This was an addition as well but we left the carpet since Banjo won't be in here at all. Again, this needs lots of work. We will move Brad's queen bed in once I move out of Westlake.

Guest bathroom. I want to paint this a lighter blue to match the towels and curtain I have in there now. Love the beadboard!

Dining room. This room is huge and was really empty until we moved the bookcases from Westlake. We need to get a bigger dining room table and a bar for this room too though.
But, it is coming along and I hope you get to see it soon!!