Monday, December 17, 2007

Charleston Harbor

The USS Yorktown in the distance. We had our Christmas party here because no other venue can hold 2,000 people! Can you see the dolphin in the water?? ; )
View of the Battery. I want a house there! Ha!
Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge. Longest steel suspension bridge in the country. It connects downtown to Mount Pleasant.
View from Fort Sumter. Can you tell it was 70 and sunny? Beautiful day!!
SC Flag at the fort.
Love how the sun looks in this one....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The cutest Weim puppies! The farm I use for Banjo's daycare raises them!!

Zeus, a co-worker's bulldog!!

They kept licking my camera!!
I guess his tongue was covering the flash!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some older pics y'all may not have seen...

Brad and I with Jen and Brandon at the UGA/Bama party we hosted in Birmingham. SO much fun and a great game too!!
Brad and I with our friends Kasey and Jonathon at their wedding in Thomson.
Our Tally-Ho wagon!
Scoreboard from UGA/Auburn. Another great game! We got to enjoy this one from the stands!
Brad and I after dinner with friends at Calvert's in Augusta. Yummy!!

My hotel!

View of the sunset over the Kiawah River. I see it every day on the way home now that the time has changed.
View of the back of The Sanctuary from the boardwalk.
View of the beach from the boardwalk. Pretty ugly day, a storm was coming! The highest tide anyone can remember on Kiawah.
View of some of the room balconies from the pool area.
Another ocean shot. I will have to take more when it is sunny!

New car!!

Going to pick it up this weekend!

The Beast!

Banjo the Beast! She turned 5 almost a month ago. You can't tell in thi spicture but she is SO gray!!

My house - finally!

View from hall of living room. Can you tell I am not nearly settled yet??!?

View from living room through kitchen to dining room.

View of bedroom from bathroom.

View of bathroom from bedroom. There are two showers in my bathroom. One tub/shower combo and a stand-up shower. Weird!!

Walk-in closet. Yay!

View of guest bed and bath from dining room in front hallway.