Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Locally Grown

Levi gave me this book two years ago and I am sad to say I have just now finished it. It's not that it wasn't enjoyable, I just found myself getting distracted with my fiction library books. It is a little slow starting as he talks about corn A LOT and is very detailed but once I got past that, I flew through it. A great read!
I really enjoyed buying fresh produce in Charleston. There was a farm right ouside of the gates of Kiawah. Augusta is lacking a little in this arena. I have been researching CSAs, co-ops and the like for this area. I just signed up for Locally Grown and can't wait for my first list on Friday!

Of course, other towns have similar markets as well. Augusta's Saturday market opened last weekend and I am hoping to get a chance to go down there this Saturday. It is right on the river so let's hope for nice weather. I promise to share once I have cooked up some of these yummy vittles!

A tisket, a tasket

Natalie, Martha and Beth hosted a basket shower for me this past weekend. We had a blast! Each person was given a theme and they made baskets, buckets or tubs filled with goodies.

Here is my loot! What a haul...
With Granny, Debbie and Megan.

With Mom.

And my beautiful, thoughtful, BFF hosts!!!
After this was over, Mom and I went to Greenville to take my bridal portrait. I think we got some great ones inside but the weather was iffy outside. For those coming to the wedding, you will see the final product then!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


We were thrown a fiesta couples shower this weekend. It was so much fun!!

Here we are with the hosts. Dozier, the Bowens, Megan/Adi, the soon-to-be Collins' and the Rigsbys. The soon-to-be Leveretts (Mike/Blake) and the Thompsons could not make it.
The party was held at Michele's parent's house, out by the pool. They have a really nice setup, including a pool house that Eric built. Some folks were hiding in the dark. I think Kathi, Dennis and Charles were over there at some point.

My parents (Mom is being silly).

The pool and waterfall. Can't wait to spend some time there this summer!

With Natalie and Preston.

Jennifer and Michelle.

With Michele and Lesley.

Megan with Michele's parents.

With Levi. Don't you love my festive dress? Forever 21!! Will be joining
us on the honeymoon as well.

Allen even made an appearance!

Jason and Kathrina came over from Greenville and Alex and Amber from Beaufort.

Yummy Moe's!

The Heaths came in from the ATL. They are going to have a baby in October!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Masters Week

Well, I worked a LOT last week. Only one really long day but tomorrow will my 19th day in a row. So, I am super ready for this weekend!!

I had to miss our annual traditions of dinner at FMG and the horseshoe party. I won't make that same mistake next year...

I did get to head to the tournament on Sunday so that was a nice break. We sat on the fairway at 6 most of the time. I love it there! We got to see two holes-in-one on 16 and all five of the top pairings come through on 6. We left around 4 to watch the finale at home. More comfortable, easier to see and follow that way. We bumped into a lot of friends - from college, Kiawah and Augusta. Good times as always!!

This weekend, our peeps are hosting a 'fiesta' couples shower for us. I am so excited! I have a cute maxi dress to wear and am looking forward to the margaritas and visiting!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Have you ever been to the Masters?

Whenever you tell anyone outside of Georgia you are from or live in Augusta, the first thing they ask is 'Oh, have you ever been to the Masters?' To say this is the biggest week of the year here is a huge understatement. It is a ton of fun!! Everybody comes back into town and there are tons of parties to go to. Also, celebrity sightings are quite common.
This year will be a different one for me. Since I am in the industry, I have to work all week. Which is fine, we have fun here too! However, I may have some late nights and early mornings. I will have to work hard so that I can get off to go to the tourney at some point too. No pain, no gain!

This is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in town. Brad and I went on Thursday night to kick off the week. It was their 21st birthday!! They have a great porch and are right on Washington Road so they are a main attraction this week.
Here is a shot of all the parking spaces the National offers now. FREE!! They bought all these houses, tore them down and created parking. There are 8200 spaces now. Brad used to live over here after college. Great little area right next to Gate 6.

You know it is almost time for the Masters when these signs get put up.

Here is Gate 6 from Berckman's Road. They made a ton of changes and additions this year. A brand new practice facility is off to the left behind the gate. Can't wait to see it all!

Club Car and EZGo are both headquartered here in Augusta. Another sign of the Masters is these golf carts in front of stores and restaurants.
Gonna be a busy but fun week. Bring it!!

Engagement dinner

The Shinglers hosted an engagement dinner for our immediate families last weekend. We went to Cadwallader's again. It was marvelous as always!
My brother, Levi, with Megan's boyfriend, Adi.
Only two more months until we are married!!!

Brad's Dad, Bill, and Debbie.

Bill, Dad and Megan. And a sliver of Mom. : )

With Granny.

EMo and Baze

Two weekends ago, we returned to Charleston for my friend Elizabeth's wedding. She married her long-time boyfriend, Basil Theologus. AKA Baze.

Lovely reception shoes. She had to get out of thsoe blue heels. : )
Haskins doing the running man. I think...

Nicole and Sarah with Michael Baumuller (AKA Bam Bam).

Lindsay and (John) Haskins with Chris and Jayne.

With Lindsay and Katie.

Katie with Chris.

Haskins with Candice. She was the best MOH ever. : )

With the lovely bride! Miss you girl!!

With Amanda at dinner. We had yummy pork chops, fried chicken, macaroni,
mashed potatos and sauteed veggies.

With Jack and Katie.

The bride with Jack and Katie.

Jack dancing with the bride.

The reception was at the Rice Mill house right in the marina on the harbor.
Amazing views!!

With Chris.
Happy couple amid bubbles as they left.

Chris and Baumuller.

Chris voguing it.

The happy couple hugging it out!

What's so funny Bam Bam??