Thursday, March 26, 2009


My two best friends from high school, Natalie and Martha, came to visit this past weekend. They are both moms and needed a well-deserved break! We had a blast eating out, walking downtown and catching up. Can't wait for the next one girls!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My neck. My back. My neck and my back...

I have been having pretty severe neck pain for about 6 months now. Due to some recent tingling in my hands, the fear is I have a pinched nerve. Not good. My x-rays show only a little degeneration so I go to get my MRI results tomorrow. They should give us a better picture of the source of my problems. I had the MRI last week and, although it wasn't the worst thing I have ever done, it was pretty unpleasant. Lying in a teeny tube (I am somewhat claustrophobic), not able to move for 30 minutes is no fun. But, I survived and learn my fate tomorrow. OK, I am being slightly dramatic but I am worried as to the solution they will have for my pain. Please keep your fingers crossed!

As for the comment about my back in my title, that has been persistent for the last 10-12 years due to a skiing accident, I believe. I am getting that checked on too but we want to solve the neck issue first as it makes sitting at a desk all day extremely unbearable!

God, Dr. Buzzard and the Bolito Man

For those that don't know, I was raised on a small, state-owned island off the coast of Georgia called Sapelo. My Dad worked for DNR so my family was lucky enough to get to enjoy this unspoiled land. The author of this book used to keep my brother and I while my Mom was working at the UGA Marine Institute or gone to the mainland via the 30-minute ferry ride. Reading this brings back a lot of memories! Travel to the island has been greatly reduced over the years but I do hope to go back soon...

When Levi gives you lemons...

you make lemonade! My brother gave this lemon tree to me for my birthday and I can't wait for it to start producing fruit. It already has a lot of buds on it and it smells yummy. More to come!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I'm Reading...

I am sure most of y'all have heard of this or read it already but I am usually behind the 8 ball. Great, uplifting, inspirational book!


It was such a beautiful day last Saturday that we decided to golf. Although it was only my third time, I am slowly but surely getting there. LPGA here I come! ; )

Gators everywhere!

Blurry pic but this guy was a monster!