Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spring Valley Farm

As mentioned before, my brother lives on a farm in Athens. This farm actually supplies food for Farm 225 in downtown Athens. Yum!

Piglets with their mama. Dad is in the background. Big 'uns!
Rabbits in their pens.
Spider in the garden.

My picking some okra!

Flower on the okra plant. Who knew they were so beautiful?

This okra was yummy fried!!

Levi walking us through the garden with the farm dog, Lucy. So sweet!

On the way back to Augusta, we stopped to see my parents and their new pup, Kallie. She is a Dutch Shepherd.

Guinea hen chicks on the farm.

Huge grasshopper on some of the crops.

The farmhouse - really cool!



OMG! These pigs were so loud!!!


Despite our loss to Okie State, we braved the UGA/SC game. I was very thankful for the win, as posted earlier. Here are some pictures from Athens. What a great place!!

Sanford Stadium before kick-off.
Our tailgating spot on North Campus. The Gamecock in the white hat is actually Stephen Garcia's brother (Stephen is the Gamecock's QB). This guy played football at Harvard with our friend Steve and hung out for a bit.

With Michelle and Blake.

With Brad's sister, Megan, and her boyfriend before we walked into the stadium.

Whew!! Who expected this shoot-out?
Brad, Megan and Adi before the game.

Blake and Mike on North Campus.

Adi, Megan, Brad and I after the win!

Kiawah Wildlife

These pictures were taken on Kiawah over the last few days. So pretty!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank God for Brandon

Smith and Boykin, that is. Without their wheels, we would have lost on Saturday. I think I see a lot of potential in this team, they just have to put it all together.

We went to the game on Saturday and spent the night with my brother at the farm. Then, we visited with the parental units on the way back to Augusta on Sunday.

I have tons of pictures but I am headed out to TN tomorrow and won't be able to post pictures until I return. Right now, I am more concerned with frying up some of the fresh okra I got from the farm. Yum!

Have a great week and I will touch base on Sunday. Hopefully, the Dawgs can pull out a win against the Hogs this weekend. Sad to say, I think it will be a tough one.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day

My brother, Levi, was here from Wednesday-Saturday this last week. It was so nice to visit after his stay in NM all summer!!

We went to dinner at Bowen's on Friday for some local seafood. Look familiar?
On Sunday, Brad and I hit Folly Beach for his birthday. His 25th. ; )

Levi and Brad toasting a great setting! They were fraternity brothers at UGA.

Great view!

Lap of Luxury

Last weekend, Brad and I got to enjoy our free weekend at The Sanctuary. It was amazing!!

The sitting room in our Ocean Front Suite.
View from one of the bedroom balconies.

Another view. See the small rainbow on the left?

We had lunch on Saturday at the poolside grill. Excellent burgers and BBQ. Yum...

View down the beach. Man, we missed the preset chairs and umbrellas on Folly over Labor Day. Ha - spoiled!

Bedroom of suite.

After dinner at The Ocean Room on Friday. We both had filet and ordered the sides of potatoes au gratin and roasted vegetables. They also brought out an amuse bouche, lobster bisque and a watermelon salad. I couldn't go home without the citrus cylinder either. It is divine!

And standing. Couldn't decide which I liked best. : )

This is the ice sculpture they put out for the jazz brunch in Jasmine Porch on Sunday. We had dinner there on Saturday too. I had the cheese plate (I thought of you, Jen) and a marvelous spinach salad and Brad had the tasting menu which consisted of she crab bisque, fried green tomatoes, gourmet meatloaf, shrimp and grits and bread pudding. He had to be rolled out of there!


Man, Georgia's defense looked dang good against OSU's offense but our offense must have stayed in Athens. Or, maybe, Cox's flu killed any chances of us winning.

Whatever the case, let's hope that was just a one-time thing. We have some tough games this year I doubt we will win but that one we should NOT have lost.

So, we are taking our chances and going to the SC game this weekend. Hopefully, we can show that last weekend was a fluke!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


We play Oklahoma State today in Stillwater. They are supposed to have a powerhouse offense this year so our defense needs to play up to UGA standards of the past. Sic 'em!!!!!!!!!!!