Monday, January 30, 2012

recent dinners

Brad got his first quail a few weeks (!) so we cooked some up for dinner last weekend.  I marinated them in some olive oil, garlic and other herbs.  We then lightly breaded them and wrapped in bacon before sauteeing in oil.  It was great but I think next time we will harvest some nuggets of meat and cook that way.  I served this with my corn casserole, whole wheat yeast rolls and a frozen veggie mix.  Bad, I know, but it was Saturday and I wasn't going to the store. 

For New Year's, we had the traditional pork, greens and peas.  This pork wasn't as good as the last tenderloin recipe I posted.  But, cooking it in foil made it super-tender. 

sweet banj

Anytime I pick up my new camera, I can't help but snap some photos of my favorite dog.  I'm not sure she enjoys this though.  Ha.

Love my Banjo!!

italian chicken

Last week, I made this chicken dish that I have had on my 'to make' list for a long time.  A friend periodically asks her facebook audience for their favorite ______ recipe.  I copy and paste the answers into an email to myself and save for a later date.  This was on the chicken list, obvs!

Italian Chicken

Place thawed chicken breasts in a baking dish.  Sprinkle with oregano, 2 bay leaves and onion soup mix.  Cover with Italian dressing.  Bake at 350 until done through.

Jami's notes: Veggie lovers can add mushrooms and tomatoes prior to the seasonings.  I used my handy-dandy meat tenderizer ahead of time and let this marinate for about an hour before cooking.  I only cooked three breasts and 1/2 of a packet of soup mix would have been fine.  I covered this with foil to help keep in juices. 

I have to say, the foil was not needed.  This was the most tender, flavorful chicken next to Ritz Chicken (recipe to come later) I have ever had.  It could not have been easier either.  Busy moms, do this now!

I roasted some asparagus quickly with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little parm.  Whole wheat yeast rolls from Fresh Market rounded out the meal.  Oh, and strawberries with fat-free whipped cream for dessert!

birthday celebrations

Since we were supposed to be in Charleston for my birthday weekend, my night out was the next week.  We went to Roosters Beak for dinner with the Scotts and Scoggins'.  Such a great place in downtown Augusta. 

With Martha and Natalie

Preston, Brad and Win

Martha and I both got the shrimp cakes with grits and a poblano corn cream sauce.  Good!

Brad's trio of tacos - pork, rooster and catfish

We finally went to Charleston this last weekend.  It was great, as always!  We went over Saturday morning and started with lunch at Jim 'n Nick's BBQ.  It was started in Birmingham and their pig in a potato patch and cheese biscuits are the bomb. 

Then we walked around downtown and tried not to spend any money.  We had to stop by an old favorite for an afternoon margarita. 

Brad got the jumbo.  I'll say!! 
Now he is growing a beard for our upcoming ski trip.  He was inspired by Levi and Win - scary!

We went to 82 Queen for dinner.  This place has the coolest atmosphere.  I was actually not too pleased with my meal.  Their 'world-famous' she crab soup was horribly thick, although flavorful. 

Brad really enjoyed his jambalaya though.

See how cool this is??  An outdoor, lit courtyard for dining among the trees.

And Brad tried a new beer - Sugar Hill from Harlem.  It was quite good!

After dinner, we went next door to the Bar at Husk.  We have had brunch here in the past and just saw the (newly-opened) bar rated in the top 50 by Garden & Gun.  It was pretty cool, I must say.  Try it out next time you're in Charleston. 
We ran into a guy selling Boykins downtown.  Aren't they the cutest?!?  We used to raise them when Levi and I were little.  Brad has been bitten by the bird hunting bug (thanks to Daddy and Levi) so we have been talking serioulsy about getting more dogs soon. 

On Sunday, we hit the outlets.  I spent all that money I was trying to save on Saturday.  :)

We also celebrated Mom's birthday on Friday.  She was really sick too but we enjoyed some shrimp and grits and 4-layer chocolate delight.  (Have I shared that recipe?  If not, I will soon - it's delish.)  Dad's birthday is tomorrow so he is coming over Wednesday because Mom is out of town. 

Happy birthdays to us!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


For New Year's, we spent the weekend at Champions Retreat.  I got an SLR camera from Brad for Christmas so I took some time while the guys were golfing to take some photos.  I love this camera!  I still need to take a class and do some more reading but hope I can master this thing soon. 

With Melanie and Natalie

Brad with Preston and Eric

We took it easy for New Year's.  I made some dips and chili, we watched football and watched the fireworks.  The Dunstans, Rigsbys and Trotters were there too for the Club party so we got to see them as well.  Welcome 2012!

Just messing around with my camera. I caught Banjo mid-sneeze.  That sucker is fast!

Love this magazine.  I have been getting it since the first issue.  The camera takes such sharp pictures. 

Trying to figure out depth, etc on my camera.  Hopefully, this gift will upgrade the blog!!

Last weekend, we went to go see Steve and Michelle's new addition - Ann Ferguson.  She is adorable!!

Saturday was my birthday!  We were supposed to go to Charleston but I got a gnarly cold on Friday.  So, we cancelled our trip and Brad helped me heal up.  Maybe we can go next weekend. 

I hope to get back into a groove with cooking and updating soon.  Happy 2012!!