Monday, January 31, 2011

new look

I was really itching to try for a new look on the blog.  Much better huh??

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We have seen a lot of babies (with more to come) around these parts lately. 
 I had lunch with my friend Ginger last week and got to meet 3-mo old Zoe.  Ginger and I worked together in Birmingham and we both ended up in Augusta.  Isn't she adorable?  She was so good at lunch!
Here's a newer pic of Elizabeth Hazel Rigsby.  We took them some of that tortilla soup I mentioned earlier on the Sunday before the snow.  She is precious too huh?

Congrats girls on being born to wonderful, loving families!


This past weekend we were in Athens.  Well, I went up on Friday to hang with the girls and Brad came up on Saturday.
 Friday, the plan was to go to the Gym Dawgs meet.  Well, instead we had drinks and apps at April's!!  Ginny, Martha Collins, Hope, April, Katie and I had a blast just hanging out and talking all night.
 On Saturday, we hosted a baby shower lunch at Last Resort for Beth.  We had 10 girls join us to celebrate Harrison's soon-to-be arrival!  Aren't these ornaments Ginny found presh?
 After lunch, Brad and I went to the game with Levi and some of his friends.  Here the cheerleaders are coming in. 
 Beth and Stephanie at the shower.  Yummy sparkling blueberry juice from Trader Joe's!
 Brad and Levi at Normal Bar that night.  We went to Mexicali for dinner - OLD stomping grounds.  :)
 The redone Coliseum.  It looked amazing!  I guess it should for $25 mil huh?
 Dawgs win!  They killed MS State. 
 Cute arrangements Ginny put together for the shower.
 The hosts with Beth.  Ginny, me, Beth, April and Kathryn. 
 The players entering the court. 
 We had a ton of football recruits in town.  All the coaches and recruits were seated to our right.  I am such a dork about this stuff.  Ha!
 Beth with two more Thomson girls - Anna and Hannah. 
April's husband, Thomas, laughing at the wine we drank on Friday instead of going to the meet.  They won without us!

On Sunday, we all went to breakfast at Mema's.  It was so good but I needed a nap.  We watched the Steelers game with Bill and Debbie that night.  Whew, glad they pulled that one out.  Can't wait for Feb 6 now!


We went to Charleston for my birthday.  It was a blast!

With Elizabeth, Amanda and Candace at Pearlz for happy hour.  It was Restaurant Week so we ate plenty!  We had dinner at Grill 225 in the Market Pavilion hotel - yummers!
For brunch on Sunday we ate at Husk.  This was opened by the same chef as McGrady's.  They use all fresh, Southern ingredients.  It is not as fancy or abstract as McGrady's.  The menu chages daily so check out the website for that.  I have to say, they were a little disorganized for me.  They are still relatively new so maybe that was why.  But, we had the first reservations and we were seated late, they couldn't get the biscuits right and wouldn't serve them and Brad's hash and sausage was burned.  However, I love this concept as it is very simple and local.  So, we will have to try it again.  Mine was delish!!!
The board with all ingredients and their origination locale listed. 
I loved the way theyredid this old house on Queen Street!
The tables were set with dried okra in ground corn.  Ha!
My omelet with amberjack bacon (yes, amberjack bacon!!!!!) and cheese grits. 
Brunch menu.  Click on it to zoom in...
Tulips my sweet hubby gave to me for my birthday.  Gorgeous!

mike & blake

A few weekends ago, we helped host a party for Mike and Blake.  They are getting married on March 5.  Yay!
 Boys playing with fire. 
 Mike and Blake with his brother and sister-in-law - Jonathan and Kasie.  Kasie is from Thomson and you may remember their wedding from 2008.

 Not sure why these pictures got squished?!?  Mandy, Michelle, Liza and Beth.

Mandy's husband, Matt.  The theme was Mexican and Rivers had a friend that played on a Mexican soccer team and gave him this warm up outfit.  Silly...

The guests of honor!

savings multiplied

Ali G over at Two Onesies has launched a new website for gently used children's clothing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tv list

Well, I have much to post but that will have to wait until I download photos.  :)

In the meantime, here is some TV I am looking forward to this spring:

1. American Idol
It will be very interesting to see how the changes worked out for them.
2. The Event
I needed a replacement since LOST is off the air.  Hope they can save this one!
3. CSI
Cheesy but a good one.
4. Grey's Anatomy
Loving this season!
5. Desperate Housewives
Ugh, not so good right now.
6. Brothers & Sisters
Could be better...
7. Hawaii Five-0
New fave!  The Hawaii setting doesn't hurt.
8. Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck.  'Nuff said. 
9. Live to Dance
Slow-starter for me.  Way too many cutesy acts.  I like the real talent, which they have, but they haven't shown much of it yet. 
10. 30 for 30
We are loving these docs on ESPN.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

honeyed goat cheese

Here's another great one fom Gena Knox!

Divide an 11 oz log of goat cheese into two equal portions and roll/flatten into discs.  Finely chop and toast (lightly salted at 350 for 5-10 minutes) about 3/4 c of pecans.  Coat each disc in the pecans. Plate and drizzle with copious amounts of honey.  I LOVE Savannah Bee's Cheese Honey.  Serve with baquette slices.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I always seem to think that after football season and the holidays, things will slow down.  Yet, it never turns out that way. 

This weekend, we went to Louisville for Friday dinner, hosted a shower for Blake and Mike on Saturday and visited with the Rigsby's yesterday.  Pictures to come...

We have been holed up in the house today and expect the same for tomorrow due to the snow.

Next weekend, we will be in Charleston to celebrate my birthday.  The next weekend, I will be in Athens for a baby shower for Beth and Brad will be at Mike's bachelor party in Charleston.  Then, we will be celebrating my parent's birthdays the last weekend in January.  Natalie and I are hosting a shower for Martha the first weekend in Feb and Brad is going skiing the next.  I am thinking I will be exhausted and broke and will sit that one out.  (Not to mention skiing ain't my thang.)  The rest of the spring/summer will bring more events for Mike and Blake and then Megan and Adi's weddings.  Brad and I will be going on a 1-year anniversary trip too!!

So, much more to come!

brunch recipes

As promised, here are recipes!  I am going to try to link to all if possible.  I am not a fan of typing recipes!

These are made with bacon, blue cheese and pecans so they are almost like cheese straws.  They were a little dry but I will definitely try them again with a tweak - maybe more cheese or butter.  

These were so yummy and gone fast!

This is from Birmingham's Junior League cookbook.  I have been meaning to make it for years and finally did.  It will not be long before I make them again.  These were delish and the hit of the brunch!

 Herbed Cheese Grits Cakes
2 c milk
3/4 c water
1 tsp salt
1 c stone ground grits (slow cooking)
2/3 c freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
1/2 c unsalted butter
3 oz softened cream cheese
1/4 c finely chopped fresh parsley
1 1/2 tbs snipped fresh chives

Cook the grits in the water, milk and salt combo as you would for Saturday breakfast.  Remove from heat and add all remaining ingredients.  I cut the herbs with my kitchen shears - it's a breeze!  Stir until well-blended and spread in a greased 7x11 inch dish.  Cover and chill for two hours (or overnight) until mixture is set. 

Invert the grits onto a flat surface and cut into rectangles and then triangles.  Melt butter in a hot skillet and saute until brown and crispy. 

*I thought these needed some more salt so either salt grits to your taste before chilling or sprinkle with salt after browning. 

This is one I am sure everyone has already.  This was the first time I had made them (sausage is not my favorite) and they were addicting!!  Cayenne would add a bigger punch - or seasoned sausage.

Friday, January 7, 2011

happy new year

We had a New Year's Day Brunch at the house last Saturday.  A lot of people were out of town but we still had a good crowd.  Thank goodness the bad weather held off until after everyone left. 

 I think Damir (Adi's Dad) is ready for grandkids!! 
 The spread - herbed cheese grits cakes, sausage balls, creole crab cupcakes, honeyed goat cheese and fruit.  Recipes to follow...
Bill, Debbie, Sela and Damir watching the West Virginia basketball game.


I love, love, love getting Christmas cards!  I even save them from year to year so I can go back and compare pictures.  Crazy right??

I may need a new display area though, it got tight this year and a strong wind (ie Banjo's tail) would knock over those up top. 

welcome elizabeth hazel rigsby

Congrats to Trey and Michele Rigsby!  They welcomed Elizabeth Hazel on January 4.  We will get to see them this weekend so I will post more pictures.  I know her big brother Hal is going to love her!


We had a great Christmas and probably got more than we deserved!! 
Mama and Daddy had these windowboxes installed for us.  This is Mom's original design!!  I can not wait to get some flowers in there and will repost then. 
 I got this coat from my parents too.  Mine was so old and ratty.  It is a J Crew wool carlin coat.  Sorry for the blurry photo. 
 Brad got me some diamond earrings!  I have been after him for some for a while now.  He did go over our allotted budget though so these are for my birthday, Valentine's and anniversary too.  :)  He says he is done purchasing diamonds for a while but I say we'll see.  J/K!
Bill and Debbie got us a case of wine from Washington State.  We are cracking a bottle tonight at dinner with Martha et al in Louisville. 

I also got some scarves, money and some cool books from Levi (more about those once I have read them).  Oh and a New York Butcher Shoppe gift cert.  That won't last long!

Brad got a nice ski jacket for a trip in February and a range finder.  Also, some tennis shoes and a camel hair blazer from Jos A Bank

I think my favorite part of Christmas is giving gifts!  I love to wrap them and see the joy (hopefully!) when friends and family open them.  I think we did a great job this year!

Brad may have had the best though.  When we got engaged, Mom told him there was a family tradition of giving the mother-in-law a matching ring.  So, Brad 'went to Claire's!'  Ha - it was hysterical!

Hope everyone got exactly what they wanted this year - under the tree and otherwise.  :)