Monday, December 1, 2008


Sorry it has been a while! In order of most recent to least...

We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving with Brad's family. So much fun!

Vail Village
Snowy scenery from our Vail hotel room.

Snowy drive from Vail to Keystone.

Brad modeling the first snow on Thanksgiving morning.

Snow in the valley Friday morning. Love the view!

Snow Thanksgiving morning.

Snow clouds moving in.

View of mountains from the house. So pretty!

Keystone ski slopes!

Me and Brad posing at Keystone.

The whole crew on Thanksgiving.

Me and Brad on Turkey Day.

Me and Brad and his sister, Megan, with her boyfriend Adi.

Adi and Brad ready to hit the slopes.

The flowers at work have been really pretty lately!


Banjo and my Christmas tree. Yay!!

Beth and Ryan after their wedding in Athens. We had a blast! Congrats!

With the lovely bride.

The girls with Ryan.

Me with April.

Me with Jeff Owens - an injured UGA player - at City Bar on Friday before the wedding. I love Athens!!

Beth, April and I in Bissett's on Friday.

Out for Beth's bacholerette in St Simons.

With our waiter from Bennie's Red Barn on St Simons. Yum!

Trey and Michele at UT/UGA.

Brad and I with Marty and Blake at UT game. Happy 30th Blake!

Brad and I in the stands at Sanford!

View from my room in Greenville, SC. I was there doing sales calls. What a great little town!

Mexican restaurant menu. #11 is always the same!

Had to take a picture of this local flavor at UGA/UF. Yikes!

At UGA/SC. Man, was it hot!!!

Brad and I at Michele's 30th birthday celebration - Mexican-style!

Brad's artful photo while at Fripp for Labor Day.

The crew at Fripp!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We were in Birmingham last weekend for Katie's wedding. So much fun!! Can you tell Fay dumped some rain on us? My hair looked rough. Oh well! Ironic that Katie's middle name is Faye huh?
Me and Brad!
Me and Emmie!
The band made us all turn around and dance like that. Weird. They rocked though!
Marty and Blake!
Phi Mu girls with Katie! Love that dress. ; )
Beth, Marty, Katie, Cathleen, me.
Birmingham supper club reunited (plus boys)!
Cathleen, me, Marty!
Phi Mu circle. Look familiar?!?
Dancing!! My feet were killing me!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

God Bless America and Pirates!

These are so out of order but here are pictures from our fun 4th! Wednesday-Sunday at Clarks Hill Lake in Augusta. SO much fun!

Mike and Blake
And again...
The boys in their 4th bling I got at the $1 bin at Target. Don't you love Brad's shorts? Vineyard Vines!
Steve and Michelle.
Brad killing the wiffle ball. Actually, I had to use my camera to block it. It almost killed me!
Jonathan, Steve and Michelle.
Kasie, Jay and Charlie.
Swimming Hole!
Tha Leverettes and Brad.

Steve and Michelle.
The 4th went green this year so the boys celebrated!
Horseshoes! You know you are getting old when you play games all day!
Dozier's dog, Jackson. Sweetie!!
He was sleepy...
The famous 69 jersey. A contest is held every year to see who wins it for the next year.

Eric at the swimming hole.
Fireworks. They are hard to take pictures of!
The love the pirate flag. Boys!
More going green silliness...

Jay taking a nap with Slow and Brad making fun.
More swimming hole...
Our camo day! The 4th is all about costumes...
See how low the water is? Most of the docks were completely out of the water.
This is Dozier's dock. So sad!! Good thing his pontoon was at a neighbor's dock or we would have been in trouble!

Jonathan doing his redneck impression - very well I might add!
Blake and I.
The boys...
The boat! See the Uncle Sam hat? Target $1 bin again!
Brad and I.