Friday, August 5, 2016

Cumin-cornmeal crusted pork

These last few weeks, I have really tried to have dinner ready around 6:30 for us all to sit down together. Typically, we would feed MV, put her down and then I'd cook for us. I am setting a goal to create menus, buy groceries and prep what I can on Mondays (because I don't work) or the night before. I'm really excited about getting back to cooking - and eating - again!
I was waiting at the car place for new tires the other day (yuck) and walked over to Publix. I had no groceries to buy and no kids in tow. It was divine. I just wandered around taking it all in. I'm a nerd, I know. But to have time to just browse was liberating. Someone asked if I needed anything and I said no, that I was just looking. Like I was in a clothing store or something. Ha. 
Anyway, so I browsed the recipe display and decided to make this. It wasn't quite as good as the Cajun pork but still very good!  I served mine with bread and canned field peas with snaps. I don't like mayo so I just mixed sour cream with a little chipotle pepper in adobo sauce. (Tip - I never use a whole can so I freeze each pepper with a little sauce in an ice cube tray to use later.)
To prep the night before, I cut the pork and soaked it in the egg/mustard mix. Then I mixed the crumb mixture as well. Since I figured the crust would get really soggy if reheated (I hate leftovers), I only cooked half of it each night. When I got home with the kids, I just had to coat with the crumb mixture and cook. 

I did find using butter on medium-high heat caused them to cook too fast and not get the center done.  So I only did oil and cooked much slower on the second batch  



Worth's newborn shoot

We took worth's newborn photos when he was two weeks old. Katie did a great job!


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cajun pork tenderloin

I saw a version of this in publix and decided to make my own. It was amazing! 
I simply took a pork tenderloin and rubbed emeril's essence on it. I then wrapped it in bacon and roasted at 425 until 145 internal temperature is reached. It took 40ish minutes. 
I served it with hoppin' John and creamed corn that I doctored with black pepper, cayenne and Parmesan. 
Emeril's Essence
( I make a batch and keep it in Tupperware for future use)

2 1/2 tablespoons paprika
2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons garlic powder
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon dried thyme

Summer 2016

We have had a wonderful summer enjoying our time with Worth and Mary Van. Lots of pool and family time.  

The week before Worth arrived!
MV snuggling her brother
The weekend before Worth arrived. Pardon my nasty hair. I decided to let it grow for maternity leave so I could pull it up easily. I just got it cut and it is so much cooler during this summer heat!
Brad and I celebrated six years on June 5, two days before worth was born. 
Making pancakes
Lots of swimming!
Pardon my belly!  I was trying to swim the baby out. 
Dinner with nana and papa
Brushing teeth with papa
Brad is teaching her to love golf
Deep conversation with pap
Worth had lots of visitors but mama didn't take many pictures!  The Bowen, dozier, collins, Scott, Heath, griffin, Neal, Filipovic and Douglas families all came to visit. 
MV is such a good eater. Eggs, bacon, toast, bananas and strawberries!
Lap full of love
He has no problem relaxing
Swimming with pap

Martha and win

Checking out the deer

With sweet Maggie 
Loving her corn -three ears!
 Father's Day
 Three generations of Shinglers
Obsessed with blocks

W at two weeks with his big bear
This girl's hair gets so curly when it gets wet or sweaty!
Getting ready for Worth's newborn shoot
All smiles
So sweet
Bubbles and sidewalk chalk
We went to Atlanta for a shower for cousin Sam. The girls 
The cousins with their kids

Most of the time, Worth was sleeping. When I needed a shower or nap, he was the baby on the right. :)
First tub bath! 
I finally got to meet Wyatt on the weekend of July 4th. And they all got to meet Worth. Being three weeks apart made travel a little tough when they were born. 

We went to the lake on Sunday, July 3 for the day. MV enjoyed the kiddie pool, boat ride and playing on a large float!
 This girl loves any form of water
Worth was inside all day. He was pretty good until he peed all over himself. 
With aiden, Brantley, Kate, ann, Maggie, Lauren Kate and Campbell. 
Napping with uncle duck

Our dear friend jay passed away in February. The guys spread his ashes on the lake - one last ride
On Monday, we enjoyed the Shingler pool with nana, papa, roman, Sela and Damir. Plus Megan, Adi and Wyatt 
 Fun in the pool!
MV loved the slide
One month!
Worth seems a little worried

 Getting the most out of this bubble while I can
Beating the heat at the fish store
Waffle House!  
She loved it
And Worth slept
Pool party with the Bowen, collins and dozier families
MV loved jumping off the diving board
Love these snuggles
Resting up before swimming with cousin traci and skylar
Poor skylar had a bad reaction to a mosquito bite
Sharing a snack
Throwing rocks at the river
On the ride to the river
Hugs goodbye
The orientation on this picture is accurate. This kid slept sitting up like this
Frozen peas. I used to eat these too!
Publix trip with mama
Selfie at the doctor before our beach trip. Pulmonologist said she sounded good after a month off of her meds. Hopefully she won't need them back. Or she will outgrow this reactive airway disease (asthma?) soon!
On the road to Fripp with papa
View from our balcony
Worth was under the tent for a few hours on Friday. We came back early while the guys stayed out with Mary van. Nana came over on Friday night and watched Worth on Saturday. 
Dinner at Johnson creek tavern with the lawrences
Worth was all smiles
Beautiful sunset
To save on more sunscreen applications, I put her in this sun suit on Saturday. Here she is modeling papa's hat

Building sand castles


I bet I found ten of these baby sand dollars down in the sand. So cute!
At bonito boathouse for dinner
Rare family photo
With nana and papa
 Snoozing on the way home

Worth's fall outfit


With Mickey - her favorite

I am enjoying one last week of maternity leave.  I have Worth in daycare already so I can get a morning and nighttime schedule down before jumping back into work.