Monday, September 27, 2010


Well, UGA is surely stinking up the place huh?  Unfortunately, our problem is not a quick-fix and we may be bad for years.  Oh well, it takes the pressure off on Saturdays huh?  We were at the ARK game and it was a heartbreaker.  That's the thing with this team, we could have won all three of these games.  We have the talent but coaching and that Junkyard Dawg attitude are lacking.

Looks like the Braves may play themselves out of the playoffs as well.  Sadly, I am looking forward to UGA basketball!!

So, all this means I am very excited for my TV shows.  :)

My oldies are The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy and CSI.  With several shows going off the air last year (LOST, 24, FlashForward), I have had to find some new ones.  I think I am going to like The Event.  I tivoed Hawaii 5-0, Undercovers and Blue Bloods too but not sure how many will stay on the list. 

We have a busy Fall (starting with a NC trip next weekend for some flyfishing) so I will have lots to post!!  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ok, here are the pregnant friends we have right now.  It's a growing list!!!

Beth Raley Neal

Martha McFadyen Scott

Michele Johnson Rigsby

Melanie May Bowen

Beth's will be her first.  We are thinking of all you ladies and wishing you healthy pregnancies!!!

Labor Day

Brad's birthday was yesterday so we celebrated on Saturday with a gameday party.  We got so much UGA and entertaining stuff for the wedding, I wanted to put it to use.

See??  We had ham sandwiches, fruit dip, chili cheese dip, beer dip, cheese straws and cookies.  Oh, Martha brought a yummy sausage dip too.  And boiled peanuts!!!  They took all day but were delish and we are still enjoying them. 

Win with our new flag.  Silly...

I used a G mold for this and was surprised it worked so well.  I also love these platters.  I have three of different shapes and sizes and the football is on a stem that fits on the ledge.  I have 11 different themed minis - Christmas tree, star, martini glass, golf ball, grill, beach chair, etc.  The company that makes them is Nora Fleming, brother Fleming and sister Nora - check it out!

I also couldn't resist making these G ice cubes.  It was tedious to say the least but the ones that survived look great huh?

We used them in Brad's famous Shingleritas!!

Cheers to the UGA victory!!

Martha and Win.


Megan and Adi were also in town for a wedding so it was great to see them.  Brad and I are heading to Chicago soon to visit.  Can't wait!  Mike joined us too but Blake had to work.  We can't decide if we are going to Columbia this weekend or not.  I always say I am boycotting due to the heat and our guaranteed crappy play but we will see.  I will probably cave again...


Last weekend, Brad and I returned to Charleston.  It was a blast but it made me miss it so badly!!  We went to Magnolias and Coast for our dinners and hit Fat Hen for brunch.  Of course, we spent Saturday on the beach too.  We are already out of practice though because we forgot chairs!  Man, I hate laying on my towel on the beach now.  Spoiled!

Next time, we are going for a week for sure!  We didn't get to see many friends or enjoy enough food.  :)

Traci's shower

On August 22, Mom and I traveled to Atlanta for my cousin Traci's wedding shower.  We visited with my grandmother in Alpharetta that morning and then drove over to Grayson that afternoon.  She and Joel are getting married on 10.10.10 and we are all so excited for them.  Here I am with Karla and Traci.  Don't get to see these girls nearly enough!!


For the night of August 20, we celebrated all the husbands' birthdays!  Win's was August 18, Preston's August 25 and Brad's September 6.  Crazy huh?  So, the boys played golf out at Champions that afternoon and we joined them for dinner and spent the night in a cottage.  It was so much fun!