Monday, May 6, 2013


Well, that was one crazy month.  It always is because of work and this year did not disappoint.  I worked every day from April 1 through April 19.  Many others work much longer days so I am lucky in that respect.  But, there are plenty of 5 am mornings!
At least I have gorgeous views!  The azaleas were in full bloom and we were really lucky with the weather this year. 
Champions Retreat Golf Shop and first tee of Palmer's Island nine

It is nice to wear golf attire each day.  Comfort helps!

On Sunday, we were able to scoot out to the tournament for a few hours.  That's the only day I can get away but it is nice to go see the course.  It was raining but still a great trip!

That next Thursday, Brad was heading out of town for a bachelor party so we relaxed with margaritas on Wednesday night.  Yum.
To add to my hectic and emotional Masters Week, a dear friend passed away that Friday.  His memorial was the following Thursday in Eatonton; Daddy went with me since Brad was gone and Daddy knew Guthrie and his family.  As my friend Matt said, 'good to see you, sh$@ty to see you.'  Guthrie was a wonderful person and leaves behind an adorable, loving family.  He was an outdoor writer so I will just share some of their tributes.  Much more poignant than what I could do:
At his service, we were all discussing how accurate these words are.  Guthrie was just as funny, thoughtful and gracious as everyone says.  These are not just hollow words because he is gone. 
RIP Guthrie!

On my first weekend off in three weeks, I was pretty lazy.  Although, I did get motivated enough to plant flowers!  Considering I didn't do this at all last year, this was a huge accomplishment.
Petunias for the front stoop.  I definitely need nicer planters....

Gerbers at the mailbox

Lantana in the side yard

Window boxes with blue arrow root grass, dichondra and begonias.  I will have to post more pictures because they are filling out now and look much better.  Let's hope I can water them enough to keep them alive!