Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend projects

So, this weekend, Brad and I finished several projects we have been working on around the house.  The most exciting is our firepot patio!!  That is a solid cast-iron firepot and, boy, it is heavy.  Brad built this 12x12 frame and filled it with gravel and sand.  Then we laid the stack stone out and cemented in it place.  We are so excited to start using it once it gets chilly.  We still have to do a little more landscaping.  We are going to lay out the remaining stone as a walkway, build a step from the porch, lay more pinestraw and tear out those bushes and replace with (??).  Any suggestions? 

The house is really coming together.  In the last few weekends, we have (finally) moved Brad's bedroom from Westlake over to the spare bedroom.  The office furniture has been upgraded and compacted.  The dining room furniture has been in place for a while and I love it!  Of course, the new floors, grass and fence were all upgrades as well.  The last big project is to get floor in the attic so we have all that space too.  Yippee!!

Well, I am hoping for new master bedroom furniture soon as well.  We'll see...

I made this cinnamon wreath this weekend.  I was thinking for Christmas but it can be fall'y' as well.  The smell is divine!!  I will get better pictures of this up once the house is decorated.  

We will probably host an impromptu UGA/UF party this weekend and hopefully a girls Christmas party.  I want to start hosting an annual New Year's Day Brunch so we will continue working on the house!  I love to entertain and all these things will make it easier and more fun!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Farm food

We had lots of yummy farm food this last weekend.  On Friday, we went with Levi to Farm 255.  He actually lived and worked on this farm for a while.  You may remember our visit from a previous post.

I had the local chevre with marcona almonds, honey and toasted bread along with some butternut squash soup.  Brad had the burger and LOVED it.  Levi, what did you have?  I can't remember.  The arugula salad and something else.  They also have a great patio that is perfect for dining al fresco.  I had to try the Pork Slap beer.  It was yummy and has a fabulous can!  If you can't tell, it is two pigs slapping bellies.  Ha!

On Sunday morning, we went with Beth and Ryan to Serenbe Farms in Palmetto, GA.  It it the coolest neighborhood fashioned after farm houses with some retail mixed in.  We ate at The Hil and it was marvelous.  I had smoked salmon and homemade goat cheese (do you see a pattern?) flatbread pizza.   

Eating at places like this always inspires me to use more local, fresh ingredients.  Hopefully soon!!  :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Fall travels

We have been very busy this Fall!  Pictures start this past weekend and go backwards...
We went to Hogansville on Sunday to my cousin Traci's wedding.  It was held at the Victoria Belle Mansion - pretty cool!  We spent Saturday night with Beth and Ryan in Newnan and enjoyed a lovely brunch at Serenby Farms on Sunday morning. 

 The happy couple!!  They headed out to Italy the next day!
 Brad and I snapped a quick photo before we left.  It was 3 hours back home so we couldn't stay too late!
 We spent Friday night with my brother in Athens.  His sweet pooch, Loki.  Love this dog!!
 I know UT is awful but this was good to see!

It was a wonderful football day because UF and Bama lost too!!!  I hated SC was the one to beat Bama but glad that someone did.  Woo hoo!
 With Blake prior to the game.
 With Ginny, John, April and Thomas at their tailgate.  100 inch projection screen for game-watching.  Nice!
 With Ginny and April.  Can't wait to get back to Athens to visit more. 
 Redcoat Band!  This are the best seats we have ever had.  45 yd line, 6 rows up, right behind the UGA bench.  We got to see all the players and coaches up close and personal.  Even Bacarri's jump over the hedges after his interception.  :) 
 Post-game.  It was much warmer than I thought it was going to be.  I tell ya though, once those seats are in the shade, it was fantastic!  Sad we are so bad all of our games start at noon.  Ha.
 Mike and Blake.  Their wedding will be our next - in March!
 The weekend before this, we went to Brevard to spend the weekend with Mom and Dad.  Banjo joined us and had a blast playing in the river!
 Brad standing in the East Fork of the French Broad - where he left all the fish.  :)

 The pro showing me how it is done....
 It was beautiful!  But very cold so I stayed on the bank. 
 Action shot!
 Trying to cast with all those overhanging trees was tough!
 Getting lessons from the master!  He caught 4 trout that were all around a foot in length earlier in the week. 
View from the back porch.  Nice huh?
Leftover from the game weekend - go dawgs!!  We also went to Arkansas a few weeks earlier.  What a heartbreaker!  I guess this was our last trip for the year.