Sunday, June 26, 2011


Last weekend, we traveled to Pennsylvania for Granny's memorial service.  It was a very sad but touching weekend.  We got to visit with a lot of family and friends and share many memories, laughter and tears. 

The family gravesite.  This area is absolutely beautiful and overlooks the whole valley. 

We spent the weekend with Brad's Uncle Ron and Aunt Ellie.  (Aunt Ellie was his mother's cousin.)  Their backyard is the most comfortable place!  Brad and I are hoping to start building our own house in the next year and were taking notes for sure!!

Brad's Dad built this house right next door to Ron and Ellie and this is where Brad grew up.  It was really neat to see the house and all the personal touches Bill (and the rest of the family) added as they built it. 

There are a lot of trails and fields behind the house so they ride quads (four-wheelers down here) a lot!  Of course, Brad has had one on his wish list for a while but I think it just moved up a couple of notches.  Maybe that's why he's so eager to buy some land! 

Ron and Ellie's granddaughter Johnni.  She is a pistol and has her own mini-quad!

Brad's grandparents owned a large development for trailers (not your standard trailer park) and they named one of the roads after Brad.  :)  He did not know that and we got to go by and see it while in town. 


Two weekends ago, we got to celebrate our first anniversary in Antigua.  It was bittersweet as Granny had just passed but it was nice to be in a happy, peaceful place like her and remember and decompress. 

We were at the St James Club and it was fantabulous.  One of the restaurants was not the best but we managed.  It was HOT so we spent most of our time in the water or in the shade. 

I could have stayed here the entire time (4 days) but we did stay at the beach most of the time.  I am not scared to go to the pool at the beach though.  :)

This adult pool was deserted and had great views and breezes.  LOVE...

This is the water on the Atlantic side of the resort.  Absolutely beautiful.  We were here one day but loved our bay beach best and were there most of the time. 

View from our room.

Our bay beach.  It was the best because it was close and very calm and quiet.  Super clear water and lots or fish. 

Before dinner one night.  Yes, I did get all my hair cut off (with bangs!) but doing anything with it down there was pointless.  The humidity here doesn't compare - seriously...

We stayed near the Atl airport before we left and Beth and Ryan were able to run up and have dinner with us so we could visit and meet Harrison.  Poor thing was having a rough night but he is adorable.  We had some great burgers at Brake Pad (highly recommended) and enjoyed the Neals' company!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Brad's Granny passed away last week.  She was a wonderful woman that lived a long life and she will be greatly missed.  Please keep Brad and Megan in your prayers. 

We are headed out to Pennsylvania this weekend for her memorial service and to spend time with family. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

anniversary weekend

This past Sunday was our one-year anniversary!!  Can't believe it. 

On Friday, we went to Sheehan's for some yummy food.  I had the catfish louisianne as usual - fantabulous!

On Sunday, we enjoyed our Big Red One bottle of wine!  We had 6 bottles of wine for our guests to sign at the wedding.  The Dom was for our return from the honeymoon and each one after that represented an anniversary year.  I have to say the wine wasn't the best but it was fun to read the well wishes and think back to that (hot) day!

On Saturday, we went to visit Trey and Michele and enjoyed a low-key pizza dinner.  It had been way too long!!!  Brad got to hold his second baby and he did a great job.... 

after Trey and Michele helped him.  :)

Sweet Elizabeth.  Isn't she beautiful?!?  LONG toes!

And this is Hal pal.  He is adorable!  Please check out how little he used to be...

I love this!!  Her blue eyes matched Brad's shirt. 


After dinner, we went to Jay and Beth's to visit with them and Alan and Gayle for a bit.  We have been out of pocket for a while so it was good to catch up with everyone over the last few weeks!

Ok, isn't this the funniest thing?!?  I have been wanting to recreate this picture from college for a long time now.  Man, I have put on some lbs since then huh?  Ugh...

Brad was my date for our spring dance in our freshman year.  It only took him ten years to ask me out!!!!  We've come a long way baby!!!


The Tuesday after Memorial Day, we were closed so Daddy came out and did some fishing.  He uses fly rods so I didn't really have any luck like he did. 

This was probably the thickest bluegill I have ever seen.  Fatty!

This is a pretty good-sized bass.  I bet he caught about 7 fish.  He is meeting Levi in Montana next week to do some real fly fishing so he got in some good practice!

memorial day weekend

Memorial Day, we tried to take it easy.  This is going to be a busy summer!!

On Friday, we used our second-to-last Vallarta daily deal - thank goodness.  I am about over this place.  :)

We ran into some of Brad's high school friends and it was great catching up and visiting with them!

Jason and Carly Capito

Neal and Jen Carter - newlyweds!!


On Saturday, we played with the boat to get her ready for the lake.  She is a little temperamental in her old age and needs some encouragement to run smoothly.  That night, we enjoyed pizza and went to see Hangover 2.  I didn't think it was as good as the first but Brad loved it.  :)

On Sunday, we took the pontoon to the lake - she ran like a charm!!  We just piddled around with Mom and Dad and went fishing.  I was the only one to catch a fish, a little shellcracker.  Ha. 

After the lake, we went over to Blake and Mike's to enjoy some pulled pork that Mike had been smoking all day.  Steve and Michelle were there as well and it was great to visit with them on the back patio.

Brad and I both worked a little on Monday.  I even went shorts shopping with him on my afternoon off.  Am I a good wife or what?  Brad is super picky and slow when it comes to shopping.  Are all guys that way??