Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Banjo's Frog

I had this little stuffed frog from a sales seminar that I attended (remember Gregory??) and I was going to throw it out but decided Banjo might like it. Did she ever?? She had his shirt off in 5 minutes flat. SO funny!!


I was in Augusta last weekend for the Masters. Since no cameras are allowed at the tournament, these are the only pictures I have. Sad huh? It was so much fun though. We went out on Saturday and Sunday. I haven't been to any part of the Masters in ages, and then only the practice round if I remember correctly. Of course, Augusta was bumping with parties too. Friday night we went to this crazy horseshoe tournament in a warehouse. The Blue Dogs (a Charleston bluegrass band) were playing so that was cool!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Banjo's inaugural beach visit!

Banjo got her first trip to the beach!! It was very overcast so no one was out there. We figured that was a good thing! She loved it, of course!!!
Let's go, Mommy!!!
Testing out the water. It was freezing!!
She was kinda scared of the waves and kept running away.

Shaking off the salt water! Love this pic!

Chilling at a tidal pool. Can't wait for her next trip!!


OK. I know this is really cheesy but we get flowers delivered every week from our primary florist to display for clients. I am very intrigued by what they come up with so I thought I would start posting them. I know Jen will like them and you engaged girls may get some ideas. I, of course, was more impressed with the arrangements before I started taking pictures. Maybe they will get better soon! Their arrangements in The Sanctuary are amazing!!!

Some standard yellow callas. A 5 on a 1 to 10 scale.

LOVE these flowers and accoutrement (a 7) but NOT the blue vase. Huh???

Ehhh. This whole thing is kinda boring. A 3?? I do like their greenery though.

Just some standard red gerbers. A 5 maybe?

By FAR my favorite of these 5. An 8. Love the greenery and how cool is the vase?!? Very fitting!! More to come!