Sunday, March 16, 2014

house update

We should be able to start moving in next weekend!  So excited!  I'll add more pictures later but here are a few I have on my camera. 

The pool!

Back porch fireplace. The mantel is from a cedar tree that was on my parent's property. Love it!

Kitchen!  You have no idea how ready I am to start cooking in this!

Indoor fireplace. That mantel is oak from my parent's land. 

Ceiling beams!

margaret dozier

Gail, Mandy, Melanie and I hosted a shower for William and Liza on Saturday. Their Maggie is due in May and we are all so excited to meet her. MV will have another little playmate! 

MV pics

Some of my favorite Mary Van pictures from the last few weeks!

fun times with family

Mema meeting her great-granddaughter! They were both enamored!

My cousins Traci and Karla at Traci and Skylar's baby shower. Can't wait for MV and Skylar to play!