Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plugs for the Fam

Ok, I have more websites for y'all to check out!

Mama has been making jewelry for a while now but has just now put it on etsy!! It is cute stuff so click here to peruse: Baubles By Brenda

Also, I have mentioned my brother's blog before but wanted to also point out that once he gets back to Georgia he is going to start helping people install kitchen garden plots. So, if you are interested (I am!), shoot him an email at

Caroline Graham Little

Congrats go out to Matt and Anna Cate Little who just had their precious little girl. I am having a hard time uploading the pictures but trust me when I say she's a cutie!

Hope we can visit soon!

The Joe

We had a manager's outing at the Charleston Riverdogs game last week. Their stadium (The Joe) is located right downtown on the river. Beautiful!

I guess this game brought me luck as I won a drawing for a weekend in an ocean front suite at The Sanctuary and three meals for two. We are using it this weekend! Little known fact: Bill Murray is part-owner and the Director of Fun for the Riverdogs.

Just a cute picture of the Banj. : )

Ok, this is kinda gross but I had to include it. A few weeks ago, Brad and I ate at Center Street Kitchen on Folly. It was yummy! We ordered this 'pork sundae' as an appetizer. That glass is full of pulled pork, queso cheese and a liiiittle bit of lettuce. I imagine this did wonders for my cholesterol!! : )

Tattoos and Jorts

As promised, here are some pictures from Mills' white trash wedding shower. We had a blast!!! Lots of bare feet, mullets, Hooters tees and camo. The front yard was decorated with laundry drying on a line and hubcaps!

The bride-to-be with her two matrons of honor.
We posed with Brad's Dad's Corvette before we left. Thanks Folly Beach for this awesome outfit!!
Brad and Trey.

Brad looking fierce with his snake neck tattoo. He was inspired by the X Games.

Blake and Mike.
Oh, this reminds me of a drink that we make for the 4th of July that I thought I would share. Beware: it is stiff!!!
Coronaritas (AKA Death Juice)
12 pack of Corona
1 liter of tequila
3 cans of frozen limeade concentrate
3/4 liter of Sierra Mist (I usually do this to taste)
Mix all together and ice liberally.
Again, this stuff is dangerous so take it easy and make only for large parties. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jennifer Mills (soon to be Dunstan)

A few weekends ago, I went to Augusta to go to a party for Jennifer Mills and Charles Dunstan. They are getting married in October and were thrown a really fun Mexican -themed party at the River Island Clubhouse. Of course I didn't take any scenery pictures but it was right on the water with a lot of stone and wood with beautiful fireplaces and rocking chairs. Would be nice in the fall!

This is Jennifer's brother, John. Every couple of months someone comes up to one of these guys thinking they are the other. Brad has random people talk to him all the time at the gas station or grocery store thinking he is John. Brad calls John his stunt double. Too funny!

Man it was hot!! But, a ton of fun. We have another party for them next weekend. This one is a White Trash party. I will have to hit Goodwill this weekend to see what I can find! : )
I have been MIA lately because I am broke! Brad was here last weekend and will be again this weekend so we are mainly beaching it. He just bought a house so I will have those pictures up soon. Labor Day will be a fun weekend and I am really stoked about football season! Hopefully UGA will surprise some people; there are a lot of unknowns this year but it makes me excited!
I don't watch much TV in the summer so I have been keeping up with the Braves. I would love for them to make the playoffs after their ups and downs of late! I do love Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance however. I was really pumped Jeanine won SYTYCD and am pulling for Jeff on BB.
Mostly, I have been reading! I just finished Paint it Black by Janet Fitch. She wrote White Oleander as well. It is of a depressing subject matter but the lady has a way with language. I also just listened to The Shack by William P Young. It was great! No matter your religious beliefs, it is very uplifting and calming (as long as you don't take it too literally). Highly recommended.
I have now started The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. One of his early books, Eye of the Needle, is on my list of favorites. This book is very different but I can not put it down. At 1000 pages, that is not a good thing! : ) I will follow this up by the sequel, World Without End, another 1000 pager.

Welcome Burton!

A few weeks ago, Blake and Marty had their little boy, Burton Thomas Smisson. He is adorable!!

Congrats guys!!! I can't wait to meet him!