Wednesday, April 29, 2009


These are the things that my life has consisted of lately...

Banjo's favorite place to sleep - under the bed!
A farmer's market near work. Elizabeth and I went during lunch the other day. See the rooster? LOUD!!

A goose and its babies. Too cute!!!

I can't even start to tell you how hard this project has been. I started about 5 years ago but neglected it for about 3 because it was impossible. I finally finished this 1/4 and have lots more to do. But, it is finally taking shape of the trout it is supposed to resemble. Wish me luck on its completion!!
I will have to work much harder to get a better picture of this. I am trying to capture the magestic live oaks draped with Spanish Moss on my ride to and from work. Heather, I am sure you would do it much more justice. But, these views make my commute very much worth it!

Gator Golf

Brad and I played golf with some of my co-workers a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful Saturday and we had a great day! However, this guy came after us on the 10th tee. Brad heard a rustling in the bushes and this gator came crawling out to see what kind of food we had. That is our cart in the foreground and we were right there! Although he was only 3-4 feet, I must say I was nervous. Chris managed to take a picture with his phone before we eventually scared him off!

Spencer and Brad on the green.

Osprey Point at Kiawah. Great course!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend of College Bands

I ventured to Augusta this weekend for the Masters. It was a blast! There is an annual horseshoe bash but it got rained out this year so the band and party moved to Crums on Friday. Stewart and Winfield! Felt like I was in college again, especially because I also got to see...

Packway Handle Band! These guys are great and so much fun. Whether you like bluegrass or not, you should check them out! We went to Stillwater on Thursday to check out my boys. : )

We went out to the course on Sunday. It was as beautiful as always! Congrats Angel Cabrara!

So, here is the update on my neck. I basically have a strained muscle from stress and sitting at a computer all day. Yep, that sounds about right. I have started physical therapy and it helps a little. But, I am really looking to find a permanent solution. Hopefully, it will go away for good sooner rather than later!

I was in Birmingham two weeks ago to make sales calls. I need to book some business! While there, I got to visit with everyone - Blake, Marty, Cathleen, Jason, Mary Laura, Katie, Shelby, Anna Cate, Matt, and my Sheraton folks, namely Alex, Gregory, Denise, Shana, and Randy. It was really nice!! I dined at some of my favorite spots too - Surin, Bottega, and Taziki's. Charleston is great but there are definitely some things I miss about the Ham!!!

I am now reading a book with a cool Lost tie-in. It is called Bad Twin and is written by Gary Troup. Strangely enough, Gary Troup is a character on Lost whose transcript for this book kept Sawyer occupied during the early days of the crash on The Island. It is a really great book so far. Even if you don't watch Lost, I recommend it; the connections are subtle and have nothing to do with the book's storyline.