Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In July, we brought home a new dog!!  Because we didn't have enough going on.  Ha.  Sully is adorable and has been a joy.  She gets along really well with Banjo and Banjo has started to play with her for an hour or so each day.  She is very tolerant but gets tired easily.  :)
Sully was 9 pounds when we got her and she is over 25 now.  She should end up the same size as Banjo - about 65.  Housebreaking is going pretty well with only random accidents.  These are older pics and videos.  I will have to do a Sully 2 post soon.
I will say she has been good training for us.  Brad has been doing most of the work!  He's great with her and I know he will be a fantastic Dad!  Although, he is a spoiler.  Surprise.
We got her name from this band we like called Banjo & Sullivan.  Clever huh?  Well, turns out the band was made up for some movie of Rob Zombie's and he produced an album in their name.  But, the name stuck anyway.  Here's their fake (although compelling) backstory...
Brad bathing Sully.  This has only had to happen twice so far!  She made a mess in her crate and was covered in pee.

She will randomly watch what's going on on TV.  She really got into this Braves game one night.  Ha.

As a newborn with her family!

In mid-June, Brad was out of town for 5 days at a golf tourney, so I took a few days off and went home to be taken care of by my family.  That was nice!  After playing with the 6 other VanSant dogs, she was pooped and passed out in Levi's lap. 

Coming back from Thomson.  She was still really tired and posed for lots of photos.  :)

Mom and a friend went to pick her out for us.  The litter was over an hour away so I wasn't up for all the travel.  They did a great job!

First day at home. 

Loves to sleep on her back!


and lots of snuggling!  I told Brad it was a good thing we will have a baby once Sully gets too big to snuggle or I might want another.  Ha. 
She loves the new land!!  Brad has taken her out twice to play and run.  She gets worn out.  :)

Dirty dog...

In the mud

Loves the water, of course.


may recap

These are all out of order but I will recap quickly the last fun things I did before pregnancy sickness took over.  

Ok, technically this is from June.  Our third anniversary wine!  It is still waiting to be opened.  I got the go-ahead today from the doc for a glass so we may try it soon.  I have to say being sick has not made me miss alcohol one bit!  I had Brad buy me some NA beer for football but that craving hasn't even struck me yet.  
Unfortunately, we had a wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic planned for our anniversary that had to be cancelled because I was so sick.  So, hopefully, we can plan a short babymoon somewhere or go next year!

On Mother's Day, Brad and I golfed at Champions.  The first time I have done that since I started working there almost four years ago.  Crazy!  We had celebrated with Mama the day before so we decided to enjoy the nice weather.  I didn't know at the time that that was my first Mother's Day too.  :)

Brad and Mike

Second wedding on that weekend in mid-May.  This was Brad's boss' daughter's (Melissa) wedding.

Geese on the course at Champions.  With gooslings!  Or geeslings?  Her babies.  :)

Liza and William's wedding was on that Friday in mid-May.  Really wish I felt up to partying.

Photobooth fun

Flowers that Mel, Gail, Amber and I did for Liza's reception.  With Brad's help.

Pictures from the 'farewell pontoon' party.  Brad always dresses up for the 4th (when we used the boat most) so he pulled out this outfit.  These jorts are from high school.  And his shirt has Yosemite Sam saying 'just a good ol' boy.'  Classy with the mullet wig and FBI (female body inspector) hat, no?

The crew.  I was so bummed because it POURED outside during the cookout.  Our little house is not really set up for all these folks inside so it was a little wild.  Ha.  Really looking forward to our new house with plenty of space inside and out!!

Spread.  Recipes were posted a while back...

Brad got on the boat and made a toast at the end of the night.  Video below...

The new boat for our new river home.  Not nearly as much fun but good for fishing and hunting.  Of course, Brad ran over something the third time he took it out and messed up the motor.  Hopefully it is an easy fix.  I haven't even been on it yet!

From Melissa's wedding in May.  Excuse the hair - it was humid!

Golfing on Mother's Day

The Pine House for the Vann wedding.  This house has been in Brad's boss' family for forever and has a really cool story.  Melissa and her husband bought it and are fixing it up.  Pretty cool!

The rear of the Pine House with various tents for bars, food and band.  It was beautiful!

We played pool at Bill and Debbie's (soon to be Nana and Papa) in May when Megan and Adi were in town.  The girls won and Brad was none too happy!

More Vann wedding.  Horrible pic but these flowers were amazing!
Video of Brad's toast to the boat!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

pregnancy at 24 weeks

As my doctor told me this morning, we are 3/5 of the way there (24 weeks)!!  In some ways that feels good and, in others, it feels like I still have a long way to go!

I have not posted many baby bump photos yet but have been taking them.  I do this at night so I look rough.  Ha. 




Felt peanut move for the first time this week (August 4)!  They say your due date is 5 months after that and my estimated date is January 4.  Crazy.  She is VERY active now.  Mostly after meals and when I'm resting.  She kicks and/or punches so hard that my whole stomach moves.  Brad can see it across the room.  Yesterday I felt her swipe a hand or foot across my belly when I was resting my hand there.  That freaked me out but was sweet too.  Ha.  Doc said it will be more obvious since I'm slim.  I seriously don't understand how some women can have no idea they are pregnant.  Shocking....



Ok, this one I took in the morning so I look a lot smaller.  I get bigger as the day goes on.

This photo was taken a few minutes before I fell down our front steps.  I FREAKED out.  I landed full force on my back, over my right kidney.  I mean didn't touch my hands or elbows down and didn't spill my water.  So, I stayed home with my feet up per the doctor but knew the baby was ok.  I, however, was in immense pain for a few days.  Geez.  So, I am super-careful near steps now! 




I am lucky that I can still wear prematernity clothes.  I even wore some pants today but only for my doctor's appointment.  They are binding when I sit so I had to change.  I have a ton of stretchy dresses that will get me pretty far.  Once it cools off, I will have to hunt for warmer dresses (don't want to stretch my sweater dresses) and maternity leggings.  Not looking forward to spending money on that...

20 week sonogram.  Mom went with us to find out the sex and she did a reveal that Saturday (post to come later).  So much fun!

I found a deal on these Dr Seuss books and went ahead and started lil' one's library.  So exciting!

And, just to document everything, the 8 week sonogram.  Just one!  I was hoping for two (crazy, I know) because I am not sure I can do this again.


DISCLAIMER:  I am about to document how crappy I felt in the beginning.  Just so I know.  Maybe I shouldn't but I want to remember what helped (little) if there is a next time. 

Ok, so this all started on May 14.  (Well, it really started years ago.  I had been on Clomid for 6 months.  Since I was so busy in April, I forgot to fill it and, don't you know, voila!!)  I had been feeling a little weird for days and had a horrible headache.  I was going to dinner with friends at Mexican and was worried about drinking (and taking headache meds) because I was suspicious I was pregnant.  So, I took a test.  Sure enough, positive!  That week (week 6) started the downhill slide.  I was crazy busy at work and we had two weddings that weekend so I had to power through that stuff.  Nausea and weakness were awful.  On Friday, I was helping do flowers for Liza and William's wedding and had to recruit Brad to help haul things.  It was all I could do to stand in one place to cut and arrange flowers.  I mean weakness so bad I thought I would faint.  Food helped but it turned my stomach or came back up.  I managed a few hours at each wedding but that was it. 

I tried to cut back on my hours the next week at work without raising suspicions.  I had been busting it since before Masters so leaving early or coming in late wasn't too hard.  Other than work, I was on the couch or in bed.  The last week in May, I finally told my boss and asked for his discretion until we were certain things were progressing well.  The story to everyone was my Clomid had been doubled and it made me feel awful.  So, I would come in one or two days for a few hours and be in the dark in bed working from home otherwise.  When not working, I just laid on the couch like a zombie.  I couldn't read (made me nauseous) and I couldn't concentrate on TV for long periods of time.  Naps made me feel worse too, like I was majorly drugged.

Again, nausea and weakness were awful.  I have been on Zofran from the beginning and it helps keep things down.  I was living on fresh fruit, applesauce, English muffins, saltines and ginger ale for weeks.  Maybe some pickles and chips (prepregnancy love), cream of wheat, ramen or granola bars.  It was rough.  I lost 15 pounds.   

Along with the above, all my normal maladies were magnified.  Reflux, headaches, congestion and back pain.  Migraines so bad I would cry myself to sleep (or try to).  I did finally get some stronger Tylenol from the doc but it doesn't work all the time.  I tried different reflux meds but sticking with my Nexium seemed to work best.  I still have the reflux but it doesn't feel like fire.  The reflux and congestion just made my gag reflex worse too.  The back pain is getting worse, as expected, and my sciatic nerve is being pushed on by little girl.  For whatever reason, showers were (and still are) a huge struggle.  I have almost fainted several times and dry-heave a lot.  Brad has scrubbed the tub so I can sit down and a seat may be a purchase soon as I get bigger.  I don't know if it's the steam, heat, constant movement or what but it stinks. 

Until a few weeks ago, I literally struggled through work and did nothing else.  Brad had to do laundry, clean, shop, etc for about 8 weeks.  I am slowly getting energy back and can make small trips out of the house.  I have been back at work for the last two months.  I do work shorter days though because I still feel nauseous in the mornings and have to move slow.  Starting around 4 I get really tired and weak again.  Eating a lot of little meals helps.  When the nausea and weakness started to get better, I was plagued with major migraines and GI issues (of course zofran makes GI issues worse).  I won't go into detail but fiber one bars, fruit juice, whole grains, hot fluids and peri colace were helpful.  The migraines have now shifted to daily morning headaches.  Not disabling but they usually wake me up between 4-6 and going back to sleep is almost impossible.  I think they are congestion-related but Sudafed doesn't help.  I still have to sit in the dark like a vampire.  Light is painful and usually brings on a headache.  Oh, and dry eyes.  Wth?  But, yes, that is another pregnancy symptom.  These aren't awful and I just use refresh when needed (no Visine allowed).  I had one friend tell me hers were so bad her eyelids were sticking together and tearing overnight.  Geez!

I feel like I have been a recluse.  For the 4th, I sat at the Dozier lake house for a few hours.  A few weeks ago, I was able to go to the Collins' pool and sit for a few hours.  Brad's 35th (!) was Sept 6 and I was able to go to dinner for that.  That was the first time since the May 18 wedding we had that I was out of the house past 5:30 pm.  We have missed beach trips, lake trips, cookouts, etc.  Brad had to stay with me in the early days because I could hardly move.  Now he can go and do and I can manage at home by myself.  He has been my rock!  Especially since we got Sully during all this craziness. 

I hope no one read this far; it's not pretty.  But, it does get better and I know it will totally be worth it.  Just not sure I want to go round 2.  :)

Ok, enough of the bad stuff!  More posts to come on the fun, exciting things we have going on!!!