Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some older pics y'all may not have seen...

Brad and I with Jen and Brandon at the UGA/Bama party we hosted in Birmingham. SO much fun and a great game too!!
Brad and I with our friends Kasey and Jonathon at their wedding in Thomson.
Our Tally-Ho wagon!
Scoreboard from UGA/Auburn. Another great game! We got to enjoy this one from the stands!
Brad and I after dinner with friends at Calvert's in Augusta. Yummy!!


Jennifer and Brandon said...

Love, Love, Love the blog. Its such a great way to keep up with everyone. You need to get Beth and Ryan to start one so we can see pics of Boone! :) I love the hotel, your place and or course Banjo. I showed the pic to Baxter and he smiled!

Heather said...

Greg finally sent this link- Love the blog and your photos are beautiful!
Glad you are settling in well.