Thursday, July 10, 2008

God Bless America and Pirates!

These are so out of order but here are pictures from our fun 4th! Wednesday-Sunday at Clarks Hill Lake in Augusta. SO much fun!

Mike and Blake
And again...
The boys in their 4th bling I got at the $1 bin at Target. Don't you love Brad's shorts? Vineyard Vines!
Steve and Michelle.
Brad killing the wiffle ball. Actually, I had to use my camera to block it. It almost killed me!
Jonathan, Steve and Michelle.
Kasie, Jay and Charlie.
Swimming Hole!
Tha Leverettes and Brad.

Steve and Michelle.
The 4th went green this year so the boys celebrated!
Horseshoes! You know you are getting old when you play games all day!
Dozier's dog, Jackson. Sweetie!!
He was sleepy...
The famous 69 jersey. A contest is held every year to see who wins it for the next year.

Eric at the swimming hole.
Fireworks. They are hard to take pictures of!
The love the pirate flag. Boys!
More going green silliness...

Jay taking a nap with Slow and Brad making fun.
More swimming hole...
Our camo day! The 4th is all about costumes...
See how low the water is? Most of the docks were completely out of the water.
This is Dozier's dock. So sad!! Good thing his pontoon was at a neighbor's dock or we would have been in trouble!

Jonathan doing his redneck impression - very well I might add!
Blake and I.
The boys...
The boat! See the Uncle Sam hat? Target $1 bin again!
Brad and I.

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