Tuesday, April 15, 2008


OK. I know this is really cheesy but we get flowers delivered every week from our primary florist to display for clients. I am very intrigued by what they come up with so I thought I would start posting them. I know Jen will like them and you engaged girls may get some ideas. I, of course, was more impressed with the arrangements before I started taking pictures. Maybe they will get better soon! Their arrangements in The Sanctuary are amazing!!!

Some standard yellow callas. A 5 on a 1 to 10 scale.

LOVE these flowers and accoutrement (a 7) but NOT the blue vase. Huh???

Ehhh. This whole thing is kinda boring. A 3?? I do like their greenery though.

Just some standard red gerbers. A 5 maybe?

By FAR my favorite of these 5. An 8. Love the greenery and how cool is the vase?!? Very fitting!! More to come!


Heather said...

The second photo with the multi colored callas is my favorite. These are the same kind I had in my wedding bouquet surrounded by burgundy hypernicum (sp?) berries.

Jennifer and Brandon said...

call me crazy...love the gerbers! imagine if they were in the galvanized cube vase??? F-U-N!!!

ok...banjo at the beach is a totally different story....how sweet is she??? love her! baxter was scared of the waves too at first...she will get used to them and will be running into the water in no time!!! :)