Monday, May 5, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!!

We saw these and many more animals at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC this past weekend. I had a free weekend stay and passes to the zoo and gardens. I was really impressed. Sadly, much better than the Birmingham Zoo! As expected, I went overboard with the photos. This isn't even half of them...


Brad and a gator. He loves them! Baboon
Galapagos tortoises. They were as big as the boulders behind them!
Can't remember this bird's name but love his plumeage!

These gorillas would sit right at the glass windows. Check out this one's pink lip!
Enjoying some lettuce. They were throwing carrots at each other!
Meerkat Manor!

Koala baby catching some zzzzzz's.
Python. This glass reflected really badly so I didn't take many pictures inside.
Piranha - check out his teeth!
Parakeets (I think - lots of birds!)
Monitor lizard
Some kind of monkeys. These guys were swinging all over the place!
Toucan Sam and his brother Froot Loop! ; )
This sea lion was putting on a show. He was such a ham!!


Jennifer and Brandon said...

Great job on the BLOG! You get an A+! I think my favorite was the orange elephant! :) Also, I want to eat that cake too, it looks very yummy....they have the best cakes dont they?

Heather said...

Cool pics- I think I took amillion at the New Orleans Zoo.
I need to get your email from Greg so I can send Brad the pics of alligators I got...

Heather said...
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