Wednesday, April 29, 2009


These are the things that my life has consisted of lately...

Banjo's favorite place to sleep - under the bed!
A farmer's market near work. Elizabeth and I went during lunch the other day. See the rooster? LOUD!!

A goose and its babies. Too cute!!!

I can't even start to tell you how hard this project has been. I started about 5 years ago but neglected it for about 3 because it was impossible. I finally finished this 1/4 and have lots more to do. But, it is finally taking shape of the trout it is supposed to resemble. Wish me luck on its completion!!
I will have to work much harder to get a better picture of this. I am trying to capture the magestic live oaks draped with Spanish Moss on my ride to and from work. Heather, I am sure you would do it much more justice. But, these views make my commute very much worth it!

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Heather said...

Those live oaks get me every time. Beautiful commute!