Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tattoos and Jorts

As promised, here are some pictures from Mills' white trash wedding shower. We had a blast!!! Lots of bare feet, mullets, Hooters tees and camo. The front yard was decorated with laundry drying on a line and hubcaps!

The bride-to-be with her two matrons of honor.
We posed with Brad's Dad's Corvette before we left. Thanks Folly Beach for this awesome outfit!!
Brad and Trey.

Brad looking fierce with his snake neck tattoo. He was inspired by the X Games.

Blake and Mike.
Oh, this reminds me of a drink that we make for the 4th of July that I thought I would share. Beware: it is stiff!!!
Coronaritas (AKA Death Juice)
12 pack of Corona
1 liter of tequila
3 cans of frozen limeade concentrate
3/4 liter of Sierra Mist (I usually do this to taste)
Mix all together and ice liberally.
Again, this stuff is dangerous so take it easy and make only for large parties. Enjoy!!!

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