Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I know it's been awhile but, as usual, things have been busy! I wanted to give you the details on Brad's proposal last Thursday and then I promise to upload photos and more news soon.

So, we went to dinner at Oak Steakhouse in Charleston. Yummy, of course. This was our last night in town as we packed up and moved everything on Friday. Brad was running a little late so we pushed the reservations back to 9 and met there. When we were done, he suggested we walk to his car and he would drive me back down to mine. Despite the fact that my car was within a block and it had started misting. I agreed and off we went. Once we got closer to his car, he started pointing out some pretty places nearby and we ended up at Waterfront Park overlooking the Cooper River and Harbor. Of course, the rain starts picking up so I suggest we head back. He says ok but first he has a box for me to move and starts reaching for his pocket. (He moved half of my house by himself the weekend before and, although I didn't pick up on it at the time, I believe that was what he was referencing.) I start freaking out of course, pull him off his knees in the rain and we run for the car.

Now, for the best part of the story. As most of you know, I have been expecting this for a while and wondered why it was taking so long. Well, it turns out he bought the diamond over a month ago. The jeweler here in Augusta sent the diamond off via FedEx to be set in the design they made and FedEx LOST THE DIAMOND!! FedEx has six weeks to recover any lost items but, of course, Brad couldn't wait that long. So, the jeweler ended up getting him a better diamond at the same price. And, the reason he was late to dinner was because he was waiting on the ring which was supposed to be ready the day before. So, poor Brad had a really rough time getting this ring for me. And, he couldn't tell me any of this!! He talked to my Mom a lot!!

He did say when he finally saw the ring, it was all worth it. I agree!!


Jennifer and Brandon said...

OMG! It would have been so funny if he had the box in his car and out the ring inside a BIG box like it really was a box to move! hahah. YOur night sounded so sweet!

Hey, are yall going to the Ga/ FL game? We might try to go. We are going to Bama/ TN this weekend.

Heather said...

Congrats! What a trial for Brad- I cannot imagine being the guy that has to call and say, sorry, we lost your diamond. Jeesh.
Best wishes for you both!

Jennifer and Brandon said...

Jami, i got the pic, you just did not get my reply. Call me when ever you get up and running! :)