Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm back!!!

So, I know I have been super-slack. But, I think I have finally settled in enough here to post. Yay! Although, there have been few exciting events, I will share what I got. : )

Before I left Charleston, actually the day I resigned, we were hosted on a harbor cruise by Adventures in Charleston. If you are ever planning anything there, look them up. They rock! Anyway, this was a wonderful evening on the water!

Candice, Katie, Elizabeth and Nicole - some of the Wah girls. Miss you!
Brad proposed Thursday, we moved Friday and had Jennifer Mills and Charles Dunstan's wedding on Saturday. We learned at 4:30 that the wedding was at 5 and not 5:30. Oops. But, we made it as the grandmother's walked in and had a blast! Here is what is left of the cake.
Beautiful flowers.
Eric and Melanie!
This was a rather large wedding. It was in a tent at her family farm in Dearing. Great food, a cigar bar, fireworks and tons of paper lanterns!

Last weekend, Brad and Megan hosted a party in Augusta for their Dad and his fiancee. They are getting married Thanksgiving weekend in Charleston. Brad and his Dad showed up in the same shirt. Love it!!

We all worked super-hard (Megan the most though) to get the house ready and food prepared for the 30 or so guests. It was so nice to finally meet a lot of his family friends.

Bill and Debbie! Congrats!!
Brad and two of his friends are building a house here in Augusta to sell. It is looking good!

A view of the golf course from my office. It's a nice one!!

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