Tuesday, July 26, 2011

shrimp & grits ravioli with pesto cream sauce

Ok, I admit it.  I didn't really make the ravioli...

I bought the pasta from New York Butcher Shoppe and you should too!

The last time we ate it, I used a red sauce and that was not my favorite.  So, I googled shrimp and grits ravioli and found most restaurants serve it with this pesto cream sauce.  And now I know why - it is fantastic!

I stole this recipe for the cream but used canned pesto.  Maybe next time, I will make this entire dish!

I sauteed two cloves of garlic in one tbs of butter.  I (well, my helper Brad) then whisked in one tbs of AP flour followed by 1 c of fat-free milk and 1 c of parm-regg cheese.  Let the sauce simmer slightly and then turn it down.  Stir constantly to avoid burning while it thickens.  Add desired amount of pesto.  I think I used about 4 tbs of the Classico but you can customize this to your tastes.  Once you have drained the ravioli, add it to the sauce, coat well and serve. 

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