Monday, August 22, 2011

apple, bacon & cream cheese sandwich

I am not a sandwich person but this is simply divine and I think you should all try it immediately.  :)

While working at Kiawah, we would go up to Freshfields and eat at Ladles (a lot).  This ABC sandwich was a special and always meant a field trip was in store.

This was my first attempt to recreate it and it will definitely be a work in progress.  But, one that I will enjoy every variation of the way!!

I toasted whole wheat bread and slathered it with a cream cheese spread, thinly sliced Granny Smiths (the only ones to use in my opinion) and crisply cooked bacon strips.  

For the cream cheese, I seasoned it with garlic and basil but used a little too much.  I would say go light on that but, obviously, do so to your taste.   

Good luck and enjoy!!  The work will be worth it - promise!

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