Sunday, December 30, 2012

football, food, friends, family. and a new car!

Things have been crazy for us lately!  So, I will get right to it.  Here's our Thanksgiving recap...

We went to the UGA/GT game Thanksgiving weekend.  Because this is usually my brother's birthday and we have so much to do because of the holiday, I have never been to one of these games.  I remember once in college we all came back to go but after tailgating in the cold rain for hours, we went home  to watch it by the fire instead!  We met up with our college friend Roth on North Campus.  It was great to visit and hopefully we can get to Florida to spend time with his precious family at some point.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at Adi's parent's house.  My family came over as well.  It was a beautiful day so we snapped a Christmas card photo.  :) 

After the Tech game, we went out to the lake for a cook-off that some folks in Lincolnton host every year.  They are related to Amber and are lake-neighbors of Casey's family.  It was such a blast!  Brad with Alex and Eric.

With Amber, Mel and Tensley

Brad with Adi.  Somehow we missed a picture of Megan.  They were there to visit with the Maslankas.  

Alex made some delicious shrimp and grits!!  Bacon makes everything better.

All the food tables.  There were wings, soups, fried venison, etc.

With Casey.  She and Nick made bison burgers.  Yum.

Trailer set up for the band to perform.  

Cool grilling, cooking station.  Gonna have to build one of these!

Porch on lakehouse.  Great fireplace!

Serving up the grits.  They won the competition!!!

Then, on Sunday, my car died.  Ugh.  We knew it was on its last leg but I was really trying to put off getting a new one.  So, we spent all Sunday and Monday looking for and buying a car.  I ended up with a 2008 Lexus mid-size SUV.  It was the same price as others (4runner, tahoe, yukon) but had a warranty, new tires, etc.  I absolutely love it!!  Although, I am not so excited about having a car payment.  :(

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