Thursday, May 15, 2014

4 months with mary van

Where has the time gone?  Man, moving with a newborn right before Masters might not have been the best idea.  Ha.  But, we survived and are slowly getting settled in the new house (post to come on that later). 
Sweet nugget at 8 weeks.  She is now twice as old!

Two months and her thighs are finally starting to chunk up

her first real outfit of pants and sweatshirt.  she wasn't so happy.  ha.

holding her own pacifier.  hopefully she learns to put it back in her mouth soon.

some selfies we took one weekend.

we were in the midst of moving and no paper was handy for a sign.  :)

love this face!

her birth announcements.  photo by Ingrid Wilson and paper work by calliespondence.  love, love, love these...

smily girl!

10 weeks I think.  not even boxes to write on this week.

some of her artwork from daycare.

getting so big.

12 weeks and in the new house! 
11 weeks got missed and I am done with weekly photos.  with the bear and sign anyway.  I take daily photos.  :)
love those big eyes.

her first boat tote!  bb gave this to her as her easter basket.  too cute!

I was able to pick these out from about 12 on the bulletin board.  I was impressed with myself but she is one of the youngest so she has the smallest feet.  :)

almost sitting up by herself

all smiles with her bunny on easter.  mama was sick and had to work so we didn't make it to church in a cute outfit.  we did watch our church service on tv though.

celebrating papa's 65th in her party dress

loves to chew on her hands.  especially her left one, will she be left-handed?

talking away
and she's out
always with the hands over her head.  just like her daddy.

hey there

at a friend's for the derby.  she just sat there and watched the race with her elbow propped up.
cute outfit from aunt megan for easter!

and wearing friend's daughter's bow.  too cute!

wiggly before leaving the house in the morning

and on Monday, our four month old baby.

that same day, her new friend Maggie Dozier was born.  can't wait for these two to grow up together, along with kate Collins and the soon-to-arrive griggs twins!

my mother's day card from MV that daycare made.
I have nothing to compare it to but Mary Van is so sweet and happy.  She has been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks, right before I went back to work.  She did have a mean 3-month growth spurt but it only lasted a few days.  She still fusses a little during the night but a pacifier reinsert does the trick.  She is still in our room but we hope to transition her to her nursery this weekend.  She has started laughing and I am addicted to that sound.  She loves her hands and feet and has started grabbing for and playing with the toys on her bouncer.  We are working on rolling over and sitting up.  She can sit up for a little while unassisted but is pretty wobbly.  :)
Our schedule right now is to wake between 6:30 and 7:30 to eat.  I leave between 8:30 and 9 for work and drop her off at daycare.  I pick her up by 6 and go home to clean all the feeding paraphernalia.  She will eat again between 7 and 7:30.  We usually eat then and Brad holds her while she sleeps until 10-10:30.  She eats one more time and then goes to sleep.  I certainly haven't been cooking as much.  Ha. 
As all you parents know, being one is amazing.  MV means the world to us and we treasure every minute with her.  She has such loving family and friends too.  We don't want her to but are looking forward to seeing her grow and develop.  I was never baby-crazy but now I might be.  Ha.  We would love to have more but I am not ready to be pregnant again.  If it happens, fingers crossed I feel better and we have another healthy, happy baby.  Right now, we are enjoying our daughter and the experiences we share as a family of 3.    

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