Monday, October 24, 2016

Life with Worth

this little guy has been such a joy and perfect addition to our family. 
mv is in love with him and is such a big help!
my precious girl.  she now refuses ponytails and has moved on to nikes.  time for worth to wear her converse.  :)
always willing to help!
sweet snuggles
she loves to build castles!  this is as tall as we could go without it falling
taking a picture of her giraffe on her kitchen phone.  ha
two months of worth
sucking his thumb.  this has only happened about three times
school bus dress and red converse.  love
worth's birth announcement

the socks had to be pulled up!
I can't believe how much different she looks now.  she's lost a little of the pudge...

celebrating uncle adi's birthday!
swimming in the rain
the boys getting all the attention
uncle adi loves a good belt
group shot
worth was passed out!
all smiles
crazy sister with about 14 clips in her hair
fresh from a bath, snuggled with Minnie
selfies before school
gotta love a good monogram
clean baby
swimming at bb and pap's
pap getting all the love!

go dawgs!
hahaha.  strong hugs!
 a turtle in the pool provided lots of entertainment!
watch out!
pool party for daddy's birthday
dare devil loves to go off the diving board
eating with sweet Maggie
dinosaur paws!
y'all, this is the cutest thing.  she loves ballet!
he kept sliding down.  ha
every Friday.  we have lots of outtakes....

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