Friday, February 3, 2017

fall 2016

i figure it is about time that i post some fall pictures! :0

i have been having trouble with my phone and the holidays have slowed me down.  trying to get caught up.  i have thought about letting this go but i really think i will enjoy looking back one day.  i do plan to make a cookbook for mv with all the recipes when she is older as well.  because of phone issues, these are all mixed up but here goes....

celebrating meme's birthday in athens
liza and i took the girls to the park one monday morning.  they had so much fun!
this girl was all over the climbing wall!

go steelers! (so close to the big game!)
love this dress that bb and pap got mv in mexico
my little pigskin
the snuggles.  sigh
loves to watch some football
sacked out
all aboard the uga train
our little cheerleader
mv is an amazing big sister.  warms my heart
why is a sleeping child so sweet-looking?  love it
back at mema's for thanksgiving
with uncle stan
worth thought he was really funny
aunt kelly
will wasn't sure about holding his first baby.
ballet.  i mean, stop with the cuteness
uga vs ga tech
picklesicle.  she loved it!
at the doctor.  we live there. (see post on worth's health)
photo shoot before he ougrows the cute clothes
making alphabet soup
this outfit is 6 months!  it used to be a dress and bloomers but now it is a shirt and shorts.  mv is in the 25 percentile in height and weight so she can wear clothes for a long time!
'i drive mommy'
4 months with this big boy

he kept sliding down but could sit on bear's leg just fine!
the evolution of a photo shoot
baby dinosaur
oh no, what just happened?
napping with nana!
i love this sweater onesie
fall school pics
reading in the dark.  all.  the.  time.
my helper.  by helper i mean eater.  

that's me on the left.  our mouth and eyes are identical!
new nikes!
holding hands with sister
going fishing!
wearing my rain boots.  ha
fall school pics were not a success
asleep holding his feet
pumpkin patch!

standing up!

halloween with the dozier and collins families

william used the ranger to pull a trailer with all the kids.  they loved it!

asleep holding 'brother worth'

how she sleeps with all that stuff in her bed, i'll never know

passed out

we hosted a baby shower for gail and allen.  such fun!

more pumpkin patch

mv was not shy about sticking her hand in the slimy pumpkin

not a fan of rice cereal

i was a cowboy at school's trunk or treat and had a talking pony

some parents went all out but i went cheap and easy
doc mcstuffins

lots of gumball machines

my punkin'

rolling all over the place

kate was not interested in taking a picture

maggie, ann and mv

fast asleep

baked brie with honey, toasted pecans, crescent dough and orange-sugared cranberries

desserts for allen and gail

the flynn siblings

looking in the mirror

gail with the boys

the cutest hostess gift - a monogrammed towel and bubbly for baby fen's birth day!

sweet banjo turned 15!

5 months!

mv wanted in on the action

 a night out for pops! at the bell

all stretched out
balloon release on jay's birthday

real food!

thanksgiving at school

our big boy

she would wear 'georgia g' every day if she could

i can't help it.  this little booty in big girl undies is THE CUTEST!  yay for pooty-training success

i wear my swim googles when i cut onions.  b and mv think it's hilarius.  they didn't make me cry until i was preganant with mv.

that hair

i had an arrangement made for b's mom's grave to celebrate her two little grandboys

oh the snuggles

sitting up!

6 months?!

dinner out at sheehan's

sweet kisses!

and the doctor again...

waiting to get tubes

two teeth!!

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