Monday, February 4, 2008


We spent the weekend at The Sanctuary! I had office coverage and a site Saturday morning so Brad played golf at Osprey Point. Depending on who you talk to, either our 2nd or 3rd course (out of 5). He loved it! Especially since he only paid the $15 cart fee!!

After he got done, we checked into The Sanctuary. Here is a shot of the front through the live oaks as you drive up. A wedding party taking photos on the boardwalk.
Brad on the balcony of our room.
Our room through to the bathroom. Shot from the balcony.
We went out to the Ocean Course Clubhouse for cocktails and to watch the sunset. AMAZING!!! That is all I can say. I took more than 50 pictures for sure. Obsessed... The 18th green of The Ocean Course - home of the 2007 Senior PGA Championships and the 2012 PGA Championships!

And the sunset pics begin....

On Sunday, we had brunch at Jasmine Porch and then headed out. Another shot of the pool on the beach, from our balcony. Can't wait to come back when it is swimsuit weather! Although Sunday was about 75 degrees but we had to leave...On the balcony.Seagulls looking for food on the beach!I love this guy! If the sun is out, he's on the banks of this pond across from my office. The biggest one I have seen here - probably at least 10 feet. Check out the turtle behind him as a reference. There are supposedly bigger ones too. Yikes!!

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Jennifer and Brandon said...

how bout HELL no to that gator. You better keep Banjo away. She looks great these days..what is she using on her face? :) She is so sweet...miss that puppy! The beach looked wonderful...nice and grey!!! :) OK...j/j you know I'll always rag you on those east coast beaches! :)