Monday, March 17, 2008

Langford's Wedding

We were in Athens this past weekend for Amy Langford's wedding. Despite the tornadoes, it was a blast!! So great to see everyone again! The wedding was at First Presbyterian downtown and the reception was at the Athens Country Club.

Me and B!
Kyle, Caroline and Lindsay with Madison and John.
Ali and Chris. They have three month old boby twins. At home! Their blog is to the left under the Gant family. Check it out!
Ali, Summer and Caroline.
Brad and Eric.
Brad and I.
Me, Shaun, Mel, Ali, Katie, Lindsay and Amy.
Me and Mel.
Me, Brad, Mel and Eric.
Shaun, me, Kyle, Ali, Katie, Lindsay, Amy, Caroline, Melanie, Summer, Caroline, Cindy, Trenton and some random.
Langford's singing circle!! Don't you love all the instruments?!?

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