Thursday, January 15, 2009

30's good so far!

I think only one person reads this (Jen!) but I am going to do much better this year about keeping my photos and life updated for you! With the help of the laptop I got for Christmas. ; )

I am not a great writer (Heather, I need some lessons!) so hopefully this won't be too boring. I turned 30 on Wednesday. So far, it hasn't been much different, as expected. But, hopefully 2009 and my 30th year will be very enjoyable and prosperous. As I hope yours is!

Brad and I are going to enjoy a nice dinner on Saturday at a restaurant in downtown Charleston called Cypress. I am salivating just thinking about it! Click the Cypress link for photos and menus...

Tonight is the last episode for Gil Grissom on the original CSI: and I am very sad but excited to see what Laurence Fishburne (Augusta native!) can bring to the show. Next week Lost premieres for the season and I am ecstatic. Other things I am looking forward to this year:

- Using the iPod Touch Brad gave me for Christmas. here I come.
- Brad and I being in the same town. Not sure which one or when but it WILL happen in 2009!
- Sharing in the births of several friend's children - still glad it is them and not me!
- Tackling a new year of business at Kiawah. I love a challenge. And it will be a challenge.
- UGA football. I know it is a long way off but I feel like this season left a lot to be desired. We certainly weren't horrible but injuries, a tough schedule and high expectations made for a cruel combination. It doesn't help our star QB and RB are going to the 'bigs' but I think we have a lot of talented youngsters to step up and lead with heart and emotion. So, until September, I will have to make do with recruiting news, spring practice and ...
- Braves baseball. They have a ways to go before they are the dominant team of the 90's again but it should be interesting to see if/how we get there.
- Walking with The Beast. She probably hates me because I never do this but I promise to more this year, Banjo!

So, I think that is it for now. But stay tuned...


Heather said...

Happy Birthday! 30 is awesome. Enjoy it!

Jennifer and Brandon said...

I am so proud of you! YOu finally updated!! Loved all the posts and I am gonna hold you to those walks with Banjo!!!! :)

Jovina and Bill said...

I read your blog too Jami! :)