Monday, January 26, 2009

Back from Cola...

Here is the update from my trip to Columbia and Augusta. Most recent to least! First up, pictures from my belated birthday celebration in Augusta. 20 of us went to Vallarta's for Mexican and margaritas! Good times!

My best friends from high school, Natalie and Martha. Love you guys!

An unsuccessful attempt by our waiter to get most of our group around the table.

Bradley, the planner for the evening. He did a great job!

Another attempt at getting a shot of the table. Oh well...
The rest of the weekend in Augusta was crazy. Brad had a root break a pipe in his front yard, the cable went out and I had a horrible migraine. We also ran some errands. Friday night was definitely the highlight!

The Charleston crew at our trade show in Columbia. It was circus-themed so we had these big stuffed animals in our booth and some former Barnum and Bailey employees!

Here they are, juggling around Chris and I. We could feel the wind whistling in front of our face. Scary! They also wore stilts for half of the time but I missed those pictures, of course.

As promised, here is a picture of the snow flurries Charleston had last week. You can barely see it but we were very excited!

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