Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I have absolutely no plans for this weekend so I am taking advantage of my free time to get some things done that I put off all week - like my blog! So, here you go! First up, Eric's 30th birthday celebration in Sugar.

Snow! On the day we were leaving of course.
Brad and Eric getting ready for their first ski. They were so excited!

Here they are on the slopes for their night ski. Right outside our condo. Nice!

Eric, Melanie, me and Brad on that same slope.

Brad and I, bundled up in our ski gear.
SE Wildlife Expo Dock Dogs competition. My camera died but my phone didn't take half bad pictures. Love all the pooches!!!

Yellow Lab in flight. My timing was better this year for sure.

Dogs on the dock, getting ready to jump.
Big splash!

I love this picture!!! He is skiing!

This guy was a little skittish.

Getting set to go. He was ready!

Becky's dog, Mully. She is adorable!!!
Perfect shot. Superman to the rescue!

Silly Banjo. She doesn't like posing and keeps her ears back.

Checking out the camera. Cheese!

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