Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SF Day One

I am finally able to spare a few minutes to post my pictures! So, of course, the story starts with a delayed plane. My flight out of Charleston was delayed 2.5 hours due to storms across the SE and did not land until 10 minutes before my connection in Atlanta was to take off. Brad was standing with his foot in the gateway door but, as expected, they were not anxious to wait for me. However, after my OJ-like sprint through the airport (and some delays on the flight attendant's part), I made it. And, I mean barely!!! If we had missed this one, we would have been forced to wait until 5 PM on Friday or noon on Saturday. Yikes!! We finally got to bed about 4:30 AM Georgia time. I can not sleep on a plane so Friday morning was pretty chill...

That afternoon, we walked around the wharf area, up to Ghirardelli Square (for a tasting!) and ate at Fishermen's Grotto. Then, we traveled to Telegraph Hill to see Coit Tower and great views of the city.
Parrots in the trees up on Telegraph Hill.

View of the city from Telegraph Hill.

View of city, bay and bridge from Telegraph Hill.
Shot down Telegraph Hill's sidewalk and up on the other side of town. We passed a guy coming up and he was winded!
Shot of Lombard (crooked street) from Telegraph Hill.
Shot of Coit Tower from Lombard Street.

View of Alcatraz from Lombard.
Lombard. Beautiful huh?
Going down Lombard,
In this!! As mentioned before, not exactly legal.
Wonderful restaurant in Pacific Heights where we enjoyed dinner.

Brad's lamb was the pick of the night! Brad and I went to Harry's afterwards. One of the few 'normal' bars in SF.

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