Monday, June 22, 2009

SF Day Two (AM)

It is hard to keep all of these in order so, I am not being such a perfectionist at this point. On Saturday morning, the University of the Pacific hosted a brunch at The Fairmont as a thanks to friends and families for their support of the graduates.

It was on a rooftop garden that was entered from the front on the first floor but was 3-4 stories up on the back. That's San Francisco for you!
The Shinglers!

Megan and Brad with their Aunt Ellie and Uncle Ron from Pennsylvania.

Brad and Megan.

Brad and I.

The Shinglers and their significant others. Aren't we lucky? : )


Adi and Megan with his parents.


Bill and Debbie.

Now some scenery of the garden. Before the crowds arrived...

Bird of paradise. One of my favorites!!

Chandelier in The Fairmont. Crazy huh?

View of cable cars from the garden ledge.

View of the bay from the garden.

Same view, without zoom. : )

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