Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lap of Luxury

Last weekend, Brad and I got to enjoy our free weekend at The Sanctuary. It was amazing!!

The sitting room in our Ocean Front Suite.
View from one of the bedroom balconies.

Another view. See the small rainbow on the left?

We had lunch on Saturday at the poolside grill. Excellent burgers and BBQ. Yum...

View down the beach. Man, we missed the preset chairs and umbrellas on Folly over Labor Day. Ha - spoiled!

Bedroom of suite.

After dinner at The Ocean Room on Friday. We both had filet and ordered the sides of potatoes au gratin and roasted vegetables. They also brought out an amuse bouche, lobster bisque and a watermelon salad. I couldn't go home without the citrus cylinder either. It is divine!

And standing. Couldn't decide which I liked best. : )

This is the ice sculpture they put out for the jazz brunch in Jasmine Porch on Sunday. We had dinner there on Saturday too. I had the cheese plate (I thought of you, Jen) and a marvelous spinach salad and Brad had the tasting menu which consisted of she crab bisque, fried green tomatoes, gourmet meatloaf, shrimp and grits and bread pudding. He had to be rolled out of there!

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Jennifer and Brandon said...

yes, cheese plate for me please AND i'll take some of Brad's she crab soup too..yum!!! glad yall had a great time!