Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Wonderland

As most of you know, we got lots of snow this past weekend. So, we had a photo shoot on Friday night before over V day dinner at La Maison. Brad had the game sampler and I had the wild salmon en croute de pommes de terre. It was all yummy! And, we felt like we were on vacation will the snow pouring down outside. : )

Banjo jumping to catch a snowball Brad threw up in the air for her. We had about 6 inches.
Switzer house on Saturday.

Driving to Brad's house.

Banjo with a snowball. : )

Banj posing with Brad.

Switzer house Friday night.

Huge tree in Brad's backyard.

Snowy Westlake house.

Me with Banj. I really didn't think she would like this - she is a little prissy. But, I was WRONG!!

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Maricar said...

Egads. That's some snow for Augusta!