Monday, February 15, 2010


Here is the almost-finished product! I am taking down the champagne corks up top and will continue the pattern to fill that in a little more. So exciting!

I just happened to have this perfect little space in my house but you could do this on a flat wall or inside a frame as well.  I first cut some cardboard to fit the space as a backer.  I decided to use a herringbone pattern instead of just rows or columns of corks.  The real ones are all different sizes and this pattern was more forgiving than others.  I did a border to make it a little neater around the edges.  The corks are just glued on with hot glue!  I have had some come loose but they are a cinch to glue again.  The little triangles of empty space left at the top and bottom were filled in with half pieces.  

Note - you will need to go through your cork collection ahead of time and try to use the ones that most closely resemble each other in length.  For sure. 

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Maricar said...

Oh my. Love that! Hmm ... do I have enough cork? (I don't think so ... that means -- DRINK MORE WINE!)

How'd you make this?