Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So, not only is the wedding 2.5 months away but Masters is 2.5 weeks away!! Yikes. It has started to get crazy. I was sick with the stomach flu a few weeks ago but managed to recover in enough time to show my face at a party we helped host for Steve and Michelle (pictures to follow). They are getting married May 1.

I have been working pretty hard at both my jobs - cottage director and wedding planner. We have about 70 rooms that will be full for the Masters and I handle all the logistics that go with that - transportation, housekeeping, etc. We also will coordinate all this for some of the private homes in the neighborhood that are being rented out. Not going to mention much here but suffice it to say we have some heavy hitter past golfers and corporate clients staying with us. I actually love the stress and busy-ness but on top of a quickly-approaching wedding, I may need some meds soon. : )

The wedding is coming along though. I feel like if I get one thing done a week, it will all be done on time. The next step is license and blood tests I think. Oh, and Brad's ring. And ceremony finalization and programs and linens and..... Who am I kidding? I still have tons to do! But, it will happen. Mom has been a huge help with invitiations, flowers, etc.

So, this weekend we are headed to Charleston. So excited!!! As you can see to the right of the blog, my weekends are just about all filled. Looking forward to the honeymoon already!!

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