Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Cranes and Bowling

We went to dinner with Mel and Eric last week for his birthday. Eric decided that he wanted to go bowling - so we did! It has been about a year since Brad and I had played but we were up to the challenge. I took bowling as my PE at UGA so I know how to do it but don't always bowl like I should. : )

However, I beat everyone the first game!!
I start strong and then fade because my arm gets tired. But, Brad picked up the slack in the second game and we won 50 cents. Ha.

Mel took bowling as her PE too. She has bowled over 200 before. But, we managed to take them down on Eric's birthday. He wasn't happy about that, let me tell ya!

Earlier that weekend, we had dinner with some old friends - the Cranes. Hank and Janna were at UGA with us. In fact, Hank was Brad's fraternity brother. Janna works at the museum here that hosts the bluegrass series we have attended several times in the last few months. So, we had dinner at The Rooster's Beak and then headed down to the Imperial for the last concert of the year.

Hank and Janna are from Moultrie, GA and so much fun. Can't wait to get together again!

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Fannie Bradley's Mommy said...

Wasn't I in that bowling class with you?