Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy weekend

This was a crazy weekend for us! We had a rehearsal dinner and wedding for our friends Steve and Michelle, Brad sodded the yard and I had errands and a birthday lunch. Not to mention a wedding planning session on Sunday!
These pictures are all out of order but here you go...

Slide show at the rehearsal dinner. Steve played football at Harvard and was super beefy! He has trimmed down now though...
The wedding and reception were at Sacred Heart downtown. Loved the stained-glass windows!

A very dark shot of Sacred Heart.

One of the five pallets of sod Brad laid this weekend. It was back-breaking work but it looks marvelous!!!

Steve's Mom (in the blue) and some friends at the rehearsal. His parents rock!

Matt and Mandy. Matt's jacket was Mandy's grandfather's - I love it! He promised to wear it June 5!

Another shot of Matt and Mandy from the rehearsal. He's a mess!

And another...

Stunt double! John Mills and Brad.

With Michele, Jennifer, Amanda, Mel and Blake. Jennifer is John's sister and Amanda is his girlfriend. Stay tuned for the first take...

With Michele, Blake, Mel and Mandy. They look so springy and there I am in black. Ugh.

Here is the first take of the girls picture. The bride's Dad walked right in front of us so Mike decided to try to dance with him. You can't really tell what's going on here but it was funny!

Eric being Eric...

The newly-sodded front yard!! Will get a back yard one up next time - my camera died.

Brad and Matt being silly. They had three different kinds of grits. Yummo!!!
Rehearsal dinner.

John and Amanda
Of course I don't have pictures but, on Saturday, we had a lunch to celebrate Natalie's birthday. We went to Antonio's in North Augusta. Martha and I joined Natalie's friends Ashley, Kelli and Carrie - good times!

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